Meet 29th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 29th October 2023 episode starts with  Anju is very upset, and in her frustration, she starts throwing things around the room. Shlok tries to convince him and suggests that he is earning money, and they can get financial help from him. However, Anju is crying and is determined not to let Shlok’s money rule her life. Poonam, Shlok and Dadi all take Anju’s side and express their disapproval of Shlok’s actions, insisting that he has made a crucial mistake.


On the other hand, Shagun takes a drastic step by burning Shlok and Sumeet’s photo. Given this, Sakshi believes that Shlok’s pride and ambitions will negatively impact her relationship with Sumeet and their shared dream of becoming wedding planners.Shlok attempts to contact Anju to patch things up, but she decides to leave. Sumeet intervenes, stopping Anju from leaving, and Shlok admits that due to his past actions he has lost a potential job. He assured them that their upcoming performance would be exactly as Mr. Gill wanted.


Meanwhile, Pankhuri accidentally overhears Priyanka talking to Raj and hopes that Raj will not tell her the whole truth. Pankhuri is determined that this time she will not let Raj go.The Chaudhary family recently returned from a wedding ceremony, full of happiness and excitement. Priyanka told how everyone appreciated the performance of Shlok and Sumeet. Poonam takes the opportunity to praise Sumeet, calling him the angel of her house, and she promises to make sure that nothing goes wrong as long as he is there.


Sakshi discusses with Shagun how challenging it is to handle Shlok as long as Sumeet is present.Priyanka shared the news that the video of Sumeet playing dhol has gone viral, bringing happiness and excitement among the family members. However, Sumeet is suspicious of the situation, as he finds it strange that only his part is included in the video, even though Shlok was singing along with him.


Sakshi trusts Shagun to share her plan to give Sumeet a share in Shlok’s newfound fame, which she believes will boost Shlok’s male ego and create misunderstandings between the couple. She then tells Shlok that the company is very impressed with Sumeet’s viral video and has requested his presence in the music video they are about to shoot.


Shlok is happy with the news, but Sakshi attempts to manipulate the situation further. He suggests that the presence of Sumeet in the video may reduce Shlok’s stardom. Undeterred by her words, Shlok eagerly goes to share the news with Sumeet.Amidst these developments, Sakshi calls Shagun and expresses her concern about her developing game plan. However, Shagun advises to be patient in dealing with the situation. Raj attempts to talk to Priyanka, but Pankhuri interferes, and prevents him from sharing some information.


With media arriving at his house, Sumeet requests him to be patient as Shlok is absent at the moment. Upon Shlok’s arrival, journalists expressed their desire to interview Sumeet. Sumeet rejects his request and asks him to leave. Shlok eagerly tells Sumeet about his role in the music video, and he imagines them becoming a major power couple.


As Sumeet’s suspicions persist, she is forced to delve more deeply into Sakshi’s past. Shlok surprises Sumeet by gifting him a new dhol for Karva Chauth, and she enthusiastically tells him that she will soon go from being a star wife to a star herself. Sumeet sets out on a mission to visit Sakshi’s former school to get additional information about her. Sakshi tries to provoke Shlok by highlighting Sumeet’s praise for playing drums instead of singing. The principal of Sakshi’s school tells Sumeet that Sakshi’s parents are responsible for her.


Sakshi directly tells Shlok to urge Sumeet to stop playing the drums, suggesting that it would be more conducive to his career. Amidst all this, Sumeet patiently waits for more information about Sakshi’s guardian.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Meet

ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Meet upcoming story

ANS. Shagun instructs the goons to burn Shlok’s house.
Shlok busy with Sakshi.Seeing the fire, Sumit tries to reach Shlok along with other family members

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