Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan 20th October 2023 episode starts with Mohan is consoling Radha when they both turn and see a person clapping in front of them who says that both of them are very desperate to win this competition but there is just one problem that they have the talent to write and publish. There is no passion but only greed. Win it, Mohan asks who is he when the person replies that he is passionate about writing and publishing, that’s why he is among the right people and in the right clothes,

Mohan says he will show the person So Radha asks what is the person trying to say, after seeing Radha’s clothes he says that he just wants to say that she has come abroad for a very big competition and for every part of the world. There is a dress code, Radha asks what’s wrong with his clothes, he says it’s Maldives and why is he wearing a saree, Radha asks what’s wrong with his clothes because the saree is very comfortable, Mohan says that His wife is telling the truth and he can try the saree himself so that they can arrange for Radha ji’s saree. Mohan says that he can help her wear it with his hands but just needs to take the measurements,

Radha stops Mohan when the man says that if his wife is so comfortable with the saree then he should make her jump and When asked to try to swim, Mohan replied it was as if he had asked him to jump and swim. Radha stops Mohan saying that she is afraid of water and cannot swim, explaining that she used to scream when she was about to fall in her childhood but she is grateful to the villagers who saved her, Mohan. Requested him to keep his voice low because he does it I don’t know if he doesn’t know how to swim. The man leaves, he doesn’t have time to talk to such strangers,

Mohan gets disappointed and says he will show him. The man comes asking if he can take their luggage to the hotel, but Radha replies that she will not give him this luggage because what if he steals it, Mohan says that he is a hotel employee and Will takes their luggage to the room but Radha keeps arguing with Hi, Mohan also tries to divert her attention but Radha does not listen to him, finally he sends the luggage. Mohan says Radha should put her arms around her and asks if she doesn’t want to enjoy.

Mohan and Radha enter the rest area when Damini asks if the poor people have finally arrived, she says they might as well ruin the nice weather as it is raining in Maldives right now, she says Radha She is the only woman wearing a saree here in the whole Maldives, she shouts that if Mohan had chosen her then they would be enjoying here and drinking a glass of champagne,

Radha gets angry at Mohan asking her if she is with Damini. Drinks alcohol, he tries to explain himself but Radha doesn’t listen to him and leaves saying that he has become impure and so she leaves, Mohan angrily leaves Damini, she tries to reassure him. When Radha replies that she knows it was just acting, Mohan questions what was there then Radha explains that she always argues with Damini but today is very important. It’s day so she didn’t want to spoil his mood so she was pretending, Mohan says he was very scared and so they both left.

Damini sits on the chair and calls her mother, she is shocked to see her mother and asks if she has gone for swimming, then Kaveri replies that she has brought a swimming pool in her house and shows that Bhushan and Mohit are swimming in their house, Damini is there. Shocked to see them all enjoying, Kaveri replies that she knows they are no longer poor and have a lot of money. Damini asks what is the condition of Trivedi family, Kaveri replies that they are enjoying free air conditioner in the hospital. Kaveri questions if Radha and Mohan have reached Maldives, Damini says that they are still together even though she tried so hard to separate them, but Damini says that she has prepared a plan and half the work is done. Mohan and Radha did it, he ended the call.

Gungun is in the hospital when she says she is in a lot of pain but the doctor tells that everything will be fine, Kadambari gets a call from Mohan so she gets worried explaining that seeing Gungun in this Radha and Mohan Both will come under stress. condition, Radha enters the room saying that both of them will calm down if they get a chance to talk to Gungun just once. Gungun says both Rama and her father will come back if they know she is in so much pain, she tells Kadambari that she wants to talk to both of them, Radha wonders why they are answering the call. When Mohan suggests that she should try calling Ajit.

Kadambari asks how will Gungun talk as she is in so much pain, when Gungun replies that she is a very good actress as she earlier used to act like not going to school but now she is going to act as if she is in no pain. So that Rama and her father return after winning the competition, Radha tells Mohan that no one will answer the call.

It is not giving pressure. Gungun asks them to answer the call but requests that no one should cry because then they will lose confidence and lose the competition, and she can’t let her parents lose. Radha wonders why mom is not answering the calls as she is really worried. The doctor tries to give the injection but Gungun stops him saying that she needs to talk to her parents and he will have to give her the injection after this as it hurts a lot, she shows her pained face to her parents. She doesn’t want to show her father because he has just gone there. For him.

As Dadi Gungun has to answer the call, Radha angrily says that she was really scared because they were not answering the call, when Gungun replies that they were trying to feed her soup. Which she did not want to drink. Gungun asks how is Maldives, Radha replies how can they feel without her, Gungun says that they have not gone to any jail and promises them that they will enjoy a lot and even her Send pictures also otherwise she will never go back from the hospital, Radha scolds Gungun asking why she says this, Mohan says she should also think, Gungun replies that she also felt bad after seeing his face but They should not be worried about him because he is fine and both of them should just smile, and then get back to winning the competition. Ultimately they will kick Damini’s buttocks and throw her out of the house.

Damini takes a glass of wine to the guy who takes it too, he says he met both of her friends who are not talented and are wearing sarees, he says they can’t do anything and she feels that They will not be able to participate in the competition. Let alone win, Damini says neither they will get the contract nor their daughter will survive, she starts smiling.

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