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Meet 15th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 15th October 2023 episode starts with Akki and Sumeet together. Sumeet asks Akki where are you taking me. Akki takes him to a room, where he learns that Shlok is present. She was about to remove the blindfold but Shlok stops her, saying you always understand me, what I want, what I like and what I want but you never asked me anything, so she removes her blindfold. and surprises her by giving her a valuable diamond necklace. Family members enter the room and scold Shlok for meeting Sumeet before the ritual. Shlok explains that he is about to sign a new song contract and wants to thank Sumeet for making it possible.

Pankhuri’s attention goes to the diamond necklace and she teases Shlok. She mentions that she has never gifted anything, and Poonam is talking about repairing the roof, which she has not done. Dadi thinks it is okay for Shlok to spend on Sumeet, and Priyanka suggests giving them privacy. Once the others leave, Sumeet talks to Shlok about his responsibilities and tells him not to spend too much just because he got an advance. Shlok tells her that he has already signed the contract and wants her not to compromise on anything. Sumeet questions why he is thinking this, and Shlok assumes that she would be happy, but she is seen complaining instead.

Meanwhile, Shagun cuts the picture of Shlok and Sumeet and repeatedly emphasizes that they will keep facing rejection until they separate. Shlok gets a call from the producer, who informs him about the contract being canceled and demands the advance payment to be returned. Sumeet prays for Shlok’s dreams to come true but sees him leaving without saying anything. Raj questions her about her sadness, and she reveals that she scolded Shlok for spending more on the necklace and she feels that he is hurt.

Raj reminds her that arguments can happen in any relationship. Shlok meets the music producer and pleads to be given another chance, but the producer insults him and says that no one will give him another chance. Poonam grinds the mehendi, and Anju recalls the priest’s advice that Shlok and Sumeet should not stay under moonlight. Poonam assured that she would neither go out nor let Shlok go out. Shloka walks aimlessly, thinking about what happened.

Sumeet tries to contact Shlok, but he does not answer his calls. She becomes worried and starts wondering about his whereabouts. Poonam asks him where Shlok is. Shlok sings songs for children and an unknown woman is seen listening to his song. The kids appreciate his performance and Shlok gets emotional. Sumeet believes that nothing can come between him and Shlok.

Shlok sits on the road with a heavy heart, while Sumeet runs to save a lamp from getting extinguished by the wind. The woman listening to the singing of the verse praises his voice, shows him the moon, and says that one day he will shine like the moon. At last, Shlok smiles and wonders who is this mysterious woman.

At home Poonam gets worried and says I feel something bad is coming to us, we all are going to be in big trouble. Sumeet was worried about Shlok and prayed to God to take care of him.

Precap: Sumeet asks Shlok about his recording session. Shlok remembers that the producer insulted his talent and compared him to a beggar who sang on the streets and in trains. Shlok tells Sumeet that I have sung from the heart and when you sing from the heart, people get attracted towards you.
A woman on the call asks someone to collect all the information about Shlok, mostly about his weaknesses.

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