Meet 5th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 5th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 5th October 2023 episode starts with Shlok, Sumeet, Adil and Naaz together. Naaz calls Bilawal and tells him that he has caught Shlok. Although the call quality was not good, he was sure that Bilawal would come to his place and you would no longer be safe. Sumeet holds Shlok’s hand and boldly challenges Naaz, telling him that they were planning to elope. Shlok apologized before running away.

As they ran away, Naz chased them and warned that they could not go far without Bilawal’s permission. Shlok shouts and asks Naaz to stop following them. However, Naaz meets with an accident and Bilawal does not understand why she is not answering his calls. Sumeet and Shlok ran towards Naaz.

Meanwhile, Raj takes action to identify the person responsible for leaking Priyanka’s video. They contacted a software technician who found the IP address and suggested they could also trace the physical address. Raj checked the address and found that it was Shlok’s house. When questioned by family members, Raj had difficulty answering. At the hospital, Shlok and Sumeet bring Naaz for treatment.

Raj realizes that the video has been leaked by a family member from Priyanka’s house. Poonam and Priyanka press Raj for an explanation. Raj suspected Pankhuri’s involvement and confronted her and shared his opinion about her presence outside the bathroom while Priyanka was bathing.

Pankhuri denied any involvement and swore false oath to Sarthak. Raj mentioned that he had obtained the phone number from which the video was uploaded and called it, and the phone rang at the same location.

Naaz regains consciousness in the hospital and finds Bilawal beside him. Bilawal asks him how the accident happened, and Naaz realizes that Shlok was not the real Adil and remembers learning the truth. She became hysterical and Bilawal tried to calm her down. He called a doctor who explained that he should thank Shlok for bringing him to the hospital on time and arranging for his medicines. Bilawal thanks Shlok and asks who is responsible for Naz’s condition.

Meanwhile, Shlok explains to Naaz that he cannot leave someone in trouble and regret later. Sumeet joined them out of her deep love for Shlok and her anxious wait for his family in India. Bilawal enters the room and questions Naaz about what she is saying. Naaz decides not to reveal Shlok’s real identity but instead talks about sending him and Akki to Ajmer Dargah. However, Bilawal had other plans in mind. Sumeet felt relieved, believing that Shlok might be able to return to India.


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