Meet 9th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 9th October 2023 episode starts with Bilawal looking into the camera and thinking to find out Shlok and Sumeet’s plans and trap them.Meanwhile, Raj tells Shlok and Sumeet that they have to pass through the forest without making any noise as there are sensors and cameras everywhere.Akki refuses to go into the forest because he is afraid of insects and Sumeet tells him that it might make him scream.

Raj shows her the car that his mother got him and convinces Akki to stay quiet and close her eyes.While they were passing through the forest, a thorn got stuck in Sumeet’s neck while Shlok ran to help him so that he would not scream in pain.They continue their journey while Bilawal and his squad wait to see any movement on the camera.

Back home, Priyanka convinces Poonam to drink the medicines so that she can pray for Shlok, Sumeet and Raj who live in Pakistan and be their strength.In the jungle, Shlok, Sumeet and Raj crawl into the jungle to avoid being caught on camera and rest at the river bank to drink water.However, Akki takes out the toy car and starts playing with it as it makes loud beeping sounds.

Bilawal notices them through the camera and lays landmines on the path they are going on.When Shlok and Raj advance, one of the soldiers kidnaps Sumeet.A little ahead, other soldiers also appear and hold Raj, Shlok and Akki at gunpoint.He calls them idiots and makes them realize that Sumeet is missing.Shlok caught hold of his collar while Bilawal showed him Sumeet who was standing at some distance.

However, Sumeet yells at him and stops telling him that there are landmines in the ground between them.Bilawal mocks them saying that there are only seven stairs between them while Shlok says that nothing can separate him from his wife.As he is about to take a step forward, Sumeet tells him to think about the family and asks him to run away.

Bilawal throws some stones and lands some landmines scaring Sumeet, Shlok and Raj.Shlok is about to run towards Sumeet but she stops him and hides her injury while Bilawal tells them that the next bomb will explode from below Sumeet.He continues to make fun of Shlok and instigates him to go towards Sumeet but she refuses telling Bilawal to order her to leave from there otherwise he will shoot Shlok.

Meanwhile, at Bilawal’s house, Naaz manages to escape from the ropes and escape from the house, making the constable think that she has fainted.Bilawal talks about Savitri and asks Sumeet if she is going to save her husband, while the soldiers capture Raj who is shouting at Bilawal.He asks Bilawal what he wants while Bilawal says that he wants to avenge his brother’s death.

Raj offers himself as a replacement for Sumeet but Bilawal refuses, saying it would not be enjoyable.He says he wants to see them explode Sumeet.Bilawal tells Sumeet that he will count from ten and if she does not cross the path, he will shoot Shlok.


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ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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