Pandya Store 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 19th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 19th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha coming home to meet her family. She hugs Suman. Suman asks what did you do that you came here. Natasha says it is a big Lakshmi puja at home, so Lakshmi should go home. She looks at Isha. She says don’t worry, Lakshmi will go home. Suman says right. She asks Shesh to go and get the rickshaw. She says go home, else Amba will do tandav. Natasha says I got married, but isn’t this my house, I have come to wish you happy Diwali. Suman says happy diwali. Natasha hugs him and wishes him all the best. Suman says touch my feet and take blessings. Natasha touched his feet. Suman says group hug…she hugs them. Isha sees them and cries.

Shesh asked Chiku to bring a rickshaw. Natasha says, Happy Diwali, Isha didi. Chiku asks what? Natasha hugged Isha. Dolly says we have to stay there. Amba told Chhabeli not to go anywhere, the jewelery was kept there. Hetal, Pranali and Dolly hide and try to get out of the house. Amba sees them and asks where are you all going. Hetal hides the packet and says Natasha… Pranali says we are going to the parlor to get ready. Amba asks why, did you go to any parlor before, do you think Lakshmi maiya will come to see your makeup. Hetal says Dolly told us to look beautiful in the pictures.

Dolly says yes, it is fun getting ready in the parlor. Amba asks what is there in this bag, makeup stuff? Hetal says I bought a saree last year, I thought of giving it to the poor. Amba says you think I don’t donate. The system says we have made an appointment, we should leave. Chabeli says I think something is going on. Don’t know what Amba says.

Amrish discusses work with his brothers. Bhaven says Pandya store should have become ours, then we would have worshiped there. Natasha and everyone go to Pandya store. She sees the Pandya daughters-in-law coming in disguise. Natasha thinks if my brother comes now he will kill her. She shouts Mittu, why is the shop so dirty. Chiku says wait, where is the dirt, I have cleaned everything. She says I want the shop cleaned, we will come later and clean it. Isha says I will help.

Natasha says no, the boys will clean the shop. Suman says that she has cleaned the shop. Shesh says we have to show that things will be as she wants, she is the boss. Natasha says we will leave, come. Suman wonders what happened to her. Natasha takes Suman and Isha home. Dhaval remembers Natasha’s words. He messages her. Natasha says I know about Lakshmi puja. Suman asks Isha to keep the gift. Hetal, Pranali and Dolly Pandya come to the store. Hetal gives instructions to Dolly. Natasha says you have come to kidnap me, okay, let’s start. Suman asks where is Natasha.

Amba says he hasn’t come yet. Masked people entered the house. Amba is worried. They say we will entertain you and earn some money. Amba says I will donate, just go. He says, no, our play is lovely, you will like it. He tells a story. Amba was worried after seeing the jewelery kept outside. The man says just pretend, we will take the jewelery and disappear. Amba says Chabeli, I don’t like this. She stops him. He says I will take blessings of goddess. He looks at the jewellery.

Amrish and brother came out of the room. They look at men. The man asks how did they come, nothing can happen now. Chirag asks them to stop it. Amrish says get out. The man lies to him. Natasha says I will call Dhaval. Dhawal gets a call. Natasha screams for help. She says people have come here with masks on their faces, they will kill me, save me. Suman and Isha come out to see.

They get shocked. Natasha says I am at Suman’s house, I am scared, they are dangerous, bring the brothers here and come save me. Dhawal says he has also come to our house. She says just come save us. Natasha says my family’s lives are in danger, come and save me. The call ends. Dhawal says that he always likes to do drama. Natasha thinks how will I bring Isha in front of them. Suman beats Dolly. Natasha helps Dolly and says you have taught me not to attack an unarmed person.

Suman gets confused. Natasha says I will call my husband. Suman says I am enough for him. Isha says we will call the police. The system says no, if the police comes we will go out of the house. Hetal stops Isha and takes her phone. She says call Dhaval. Suman asks how do you know Dhawal’s name. Natasha says they are smart, we should listen to them. Dolly says I have to learn a lot from Natasha. Suman pushed Dolly. Natasha says sorry. She goes back to Dolly. Suman says please leave him. Natasha says I am doing this wisely, our lives are in danger, just listen to them.Natasha says Amrish will come and will not leave you. system says

So we are worried. Isha asks what? Natasha says nothing, Dhawal, Amrish, Chirag and Bhaven will come. Isha says no, call the police. Natasha says don’t lock Suman in the room. He stopped Suman and locked her in the room. Suman screams. She says tell me what you want. Dhawal says Natasha’s phone is not connecting. He takes Chirag’s call. He says she had gone to buy a new kurta for me. Chirag says I am not getting network, its strange. Bhaven says strange even there is no network in my phone.

Dhawal asks how is this possible. The man says we will take the jewelery and leaves. Amba says Chabeli, I think these people are not right, we will keep the jewelery inside and then help the kids. Amba and Chhabeli take the jewellery. Dhawal says that even Amrish’s phone does not have network, had these people installed a jammer. The men capture them all. They get shocked.

Hetal and the gang kidnap Isha and bring her home. Natasha comes home. Amrish asks is this your plan.

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ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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Pandya Store 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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