Pandya Store 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 20th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store¬† episode starts with Natasha calling Amresh but he does not pick her call which makes Natasha think there is a problem.She recalls the thieves who change their attire and steal things, while on the other hand, Amba and Chameli hide the jewellery, making the thieves search for them.Meanwhile, Dhaval fights the goons and Amresh also joins him and he also beats them brutally.

Elsewhere, Shesh, Mithu and Chiku clean the store and they call Suman and ask her to send Natasha for Diwali puja.Suman tells him that thieves in masks have attacked Natasha and Isha and locked her in a room, due to which Chiku decides to come and fight them.Meanwhile, the Makwana brothers fight the thieves while Dolly, Hetal and Pranali try to kidnap Isha but she runs away and hides near the tent.

Dolly and her gang search for him but Isha screams after seeing a cockroach when they easily find her and take her away.On the other hand, Amba asks Chabeli to take care of Golu at Srivastava ji’s house and asks her to call the police.Just then, thieves come to her room asking for the jewelery but she lies to them while Chiku bumps into Natasha on the other side.Meanwhile, Dhawal and Amresh brutally beat the thieves while one of the thieves captures Amba and Chameli and takes them away with him.

Meanwhile, Natasha asks Chiku to leave her hand saying that the car will go away, meanwhile Suman also comes there and sits in the cab with Mithu.Dolly and her gang bring Isha to Makhwana’s house but she refuses to come there and ties the thieves with a rope while Natasha reaches Makhwana’s house with Pandya.Chiku gets suspicious of her but she somehow manages to escape from there, asks Amresh to keep an eye on them and he calls the police while Amba gets emotional and hugs her son. .

Meanwhile, Isha manages to escape while Hetal regrets it when she leaves and tells Natasha about Isha’s escape while Chiku brings Suman to Makwana’s house.On the other hand, when Isha learns that a thief is going to harm Amba, she gets worried and goes after him.Chiku notices her and decides to follow her, while Natasha comes inside the house with Hetal, Pranali and Dolly.

Amresh asks Natasha to take care but he gets confused seeing Natasha with the thieves and scolds her for getting involved in the theft.Furthermore, he goes to remove the mask from the thieves’ faces and finds Hetal and other women behind the mask.Everyone is shocked to see that while the real thieves break in, Isha on the other hand is caught by Chiku, but she ignores him and tells him to switch off the main switch when she follows his instructions. Give.Meanwhile, the lights of the entire house go off and Hetal asks Pranali to help her in lighting the house’s lamp while Isha wonders whether she should enter inside or not.


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Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.pandya store upcoming story


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