Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 15th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 15th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan  episode starts with Mohan in shock as he remembers that Damini has taken over all his property and his finances.
Kadambari looks at Mohan and looks away helplessly while the doctor asks them if they will be able to arrange the money.Tulsi pleads with them to start Gungun’s surgery while the doctor tells Kadambari that he wants to help them but he is not qualified to perform the surgery.

He says that they can admit Gungun to a government hospital, where the treatment is good, but there may be a long queue of patients.Mohan asks the doctor to start preparations as he will arrange the money somehow.The doctor nods and leaves while Kadambari asks Mohan where he will arrange the money.Radha also cries and says that she will be able to manage only Rs 4-5 lakhs by selling the jewellery.Mohan tells them that he is there and leaves saying that he will make some arrangements.

On the other hand, Damini and Kaveri cover the car and sigh that no one will follow them now.However, then they hear Mohan’s screams, and Damini gets scared and she pulls Kaveri out of the garage and into the house.The car is shown slightly open and there is still a little blood on the headlights.
Mohan gets Damini for helpDamini hesitantly enters the hall as Kaveri tells her that perhaps Mohan has found out about her deeds and is there to kill him.

They try to run away but are caught by Mohan who stops them with tears in his eyes.Meanwhile, in the hospital, Radha looks at Gungun through the glass panel and cries as she recalls her happy moments with Gungun and how Gungun had told her that nothing should happen to them just before she was shot. Could have done.The nurse comes out and Radha asks if she can meet Gungun.Unfortunately, the nurse tells him that there is a risk of Gungun’s open wounds getting infected, which is why she cannot allow him to enter.

Radha asks Tulsi if he is there and goes to the storage room to talk to him.Tulsi signals her by blinking the light and is sad to see Radha falling on the ground with tears.Back at the mansion, Mohan requests Damini to save Gungun and tells her about the accident while Damini asks him to sit as she will bring water for him.
Tulsi becomes helplessHe leaves while Damini tells Kaveri that they had not even thought about this aspect as Kaveri says that they should do something to ensure that Mohan becomes Damini’s.

Radha cries while apologizing to Tulsi for not being able to take care of Gungun while Tulsi tells her that it is not her fault and no one can be a better mother than her.Furthermore, Radha tells Tulsi that there must be some way to save Gungun and says that she can even take her life if needed.She pleads with Tulsi to save Gungun and asks him to keep the tube lights off if she has any way.Tulsi turns off the tube light crying and says that she is helpless at this time.

Radha assures Tulsi that Mohan will arrange the money somehow as it is not a difficult task for her, while Ketaki comes there and takes her away as the doctor wants to talk to her.Meanwhile, at the mansion, Mohan pleads with Damini to help him save Gungun and give him the money.At the hospital, the doctor informs the family that Gungun’s first operation has been done but they have to pay in advance for the second and third surgeries.The family becomes worried when the doctor says that he has also talked to the government hospital but Gungun’s surgery there will take four days.Mohan tells Damini that he is ready to do whatever Damini says to save Gungun.


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