Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 15th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2023 episode starts with Isha leaves the house to go to Ramtek. Savi brings her bag. Isha asks if there is anything left. Shantanu gets emotional and says a lot, will she stop for this. Isha remembers the time spent in Shantanu’s house. Shantanu asks if he can visit her in Ramtek if he misses her. Isha asks if he didn’t remember her for 22 years and extends her hand to shake hands. Shantanu hugs her and starts crying. Isha asks him to take good care of her. The cab driver told that he was late. Isha leaves. Shantanu is standing and crying. Ishaan, lying in Surekha’s lap, tells her that Isha has left for Ramtek. Surekha says Isha left her and Shantanu again; She had warned Shantanu not to marry Isha, but he did not listen to her.

Ishaan asks why Isha left him in his childhood. Surekha recalls that Isha had refused to go without Ishaan, but Surekha had refused to let Ishaan go. She lies that career was more important to Isha than family; She once took Ishaan to meet Isha, but Isha refused to even meet her. She says Ishaan and Shantanu are very innocent and she always tried to save them from greedy Isha, Isha went to Ramtek and left her puppet Savi here, she should stay away from Savi. Ishaan says that he has no friendship with Savi and his presence does not matter to him.

Savi goes to her hostel room and arranges her stuff. She asks Shukla if he liked her room. Shukla says it is harsh/ Savi places the idol of God on a shelf and thanks him for fixing it. Shukla says Ishaan fixed it and he was very excited in arranging his room. He asks her to relax as he has to go out today and leaves. Savi thinks of thanking Ishaan through a message, her phone’s battery gets low and she realizes that she forgot it at Shantanu’s house.

She accidentally calls Ishaan. Ishaan picks up the call and angrily asks why did she call him now. She says she called him to thank him. She tries to close the door and finds the lock broken, asks what happened to it. Ishaan asks what did he say. Savi says the door is not closing. Ishaan asks him to seek Shukla’s help and calls him, but finds that he is not picking up the call. Savi tried to fix the lock with oil and other methods, but failed. Ishaan leaves the house to help him and leaves a message for Shukla. Savi keeps a chair at the door.

Shantanu makes tea for him and Isha and learns that Isha has already left. He breaks down and throws the tea. Then he calls Isha and asks where she reached. She says he is out of Pune now and asks if he has returned to Bhosale’s house. Shantanu says he doesn’t want to. Isha says that she should return there for the sake of her son and thinks that she does not want to leave her and Ishaan, but recently she saw the effect of his presence and hence she has to go.

Shantanu agrees to return to the Bhosale house for Ishaan’s sake. Ishaan reaches Savi’s hostel room and asks him to open it. She asks who is this. Ishaan says it is him. She asks who? He says Ishaan. She opens the door. He says he has come here to help her and she doesn’t want to open the door. Their bickering starts.

Precap: Ishaan tries to fix the lock of Savi’s hostel room door and it breaks. He asks Savi to call someone from his phone as he left his phone in his car. Savi says his phone is switched off, now how will they spend the whole night. Ishaan says playing Antakshari. He sees the rat and climbs on the chair and asks Savi to drive it away. Savi laughingly said that a 6 feet tall man is afraid of rats. He jumps on it.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC)

ANS. You can watch Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) upcoming story

ANS.Nitya tells Kashvi that she will have to go to jail. Mahima hugs Arjun. Arjun also gets lost in the embrace. Kashvi comes to jail.

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