Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Dimpy feels dizzy and is about to faint, Kinjal asks if she is okay. Dimpy says yes. She asks how long will Malti Devi stay here. Kinjal says don’t know. Anupama apologizes to Anuj for scratching his wound instead of healing it and says she will fix everything. Babu ji and Kinjal come to Malti Devi. Babu ji asks how are you?

Kinjal asks him to have tea. Malti Devi nodded. Kavya asks him to let them know if he needs anything. Malti Devi says you are taking care of me, even though I have no relation with you. Babu ji tells him that Anuj’s anger is not wrong. Malti Devi says I know my son is not wrong, but I am a kumata. Kinjal asks him to be patient. Babu ji asks her to have strength and leave everything to God.

Baa hears them and gets angry. Kavya goes to Baa and asks why are you angry so early in the morning. Baa says you all are taking care of Malti Devi and your Babu ji is sympathetic towards her. Seeing his condition, Kavya asks him to take pity on her. She says that when someone commits a mistake, the guilt increases, not decreases. Baa says I will make tea for him.


She goes to Malti Devi and asks when she is leaving, and asks her to have tea and breakfast. She says tell me where you are going, so that I can get the ticket for you. Malti Devi apologizes and says I will leave very soon. Baa asks when? Babu ji says don’t forget that she is our guest. Baa says she is a trouble and says I let her come inside because she is related to Anupama, else I wouldn’t have let you come here. She reminds him what Malti Devi did to destroy Anupama by using Samar and Dimpy.

She tells Malti Devi that if I were in your place, I would have died of shame seeing my son’s hatred towards me. She says I would have jumped right then or lied in front of the railways and called the railway minister to send some 2-3 trains, but you are very shameless, and asks her to go, and says who is her son. Couldn’t make it, can’t make it ours.


Pakhi comes to Anupama and tells her that Adhik is changing. Anupama says I want to trust you. Pakhi tells him that they want to plan a child so that their relationship becomes stronger. Anupama says that we do not think before having a child, because it is automatic. She asks him to think about whether they’re both ready, and tells him that a baby isn’t cement and don’t think it will strengthen your relationship.

She asks him not to burden the child and asks him to be a good husband and wife before becoming parents. She says that any woman would like to become a nanny, but you have to decide and move forward. She says this is a baby, a big responsibility and says when both of you feel you are ready, then only you will think of bringing the baby into this world. Pakhi says she feels ready for the baby. Adhik calls her and she leaves.


Baa calls Anupama and asks her to come there. Younger Anu gives painting to Anuj. Anuj says only you can understand my pain.


Babu ji asks Baa why did she call Anupama. Baa says whoever gave trouble. I called. Babu ji says Malti Devi has done a mistake, and we will have pity on her. He says that in this age people repent and atone. Baa asks which penance and Malti Devi never says that she misses her son, and when she saw him, she started crying. Babu ji says everyone makes mistakes and says you also threw me out of the house. Baa says you are comparing me with them. Babu ji says if I did wrong with Anuj then you did not do wrong with Anupama. Baa says I am her mother-in-law. Babu ji says I will ask Anupama not to come until she gets a place to stay.


Anupama and Anuj are in the car. Anupama says Baa asked me not to come, so I got time for Ganpati puja. She says you will make the idol, but we will get the materials. He says I inquired at 2-3 places for Malti Devi and I have also made advance payment. Anupama is surprised.


Kavya says she doesn’t know how to handle Malti Devi, as she is crying a lot. Kinjal says only mummy can handle her. Dimpy is about to fall unconscious again, but Kinjal catches her. Dimpy says that she doesn’t have food and maybe that’s why she is feeling dizzy. Kavya says my stomach is never full. Kinjal says it is because you are pregnant. Kavya tells that some smells are unbearable. Kinjal says yes, pregnancy is hard but special. Kavya asks what can be more special than a child. Kinjal says that the child also gives birth to the mother.


Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t like that she sent Malti Devi to Shah’s house. Anupama says how can I take her out at night, and asks where will she go. Anuj says this is his problem. Hearing your condition and Malti Devi’s request, Anupama asks what would I have done. Un


Yuz says that he does not want to read the chapter again and again. He says tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and it is important for me, as you have come to my house for the first time. He says as Bappa goes, Malti Devi will also have to go. Anupama asks Bappa to do some miracle.


Precap: During Ganpati festival, Samar is about to fall on the diya stand, but Anupama catches him. Everyone is surprised.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Anupama somehow handling Anuj’s condition and making him sleep so that he can get his energy back.

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