Imlie 24th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 24th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Imlie pleads with the doctor to save Ashu because if anything happens to Ashu, she too will not survive. She requests him to give her some medicine till she arranges money for Ashu’s surgery. The doctor says he understands her concern, but this is not a charitable hospital and he can’t help her without money. Agastya overhears their conversation and leaves before seeing her face.

The bar manager tells Imlie that he is sad that he too cannot help her. Imlie says he can help some rich man by organizing a private show at his place. The manager says he can’t do it because it’s too risky for him. Imlie says Radha Rani is testing her trust on her, she will go through the toughest tests. The doctor informs him that some kindhearted person paid for Ashu’s treatment and requests him to name him unanimously. Imlie thanks Radha Rani.

Ashu refused to take medicine from the doctor and nurse and snatched the medicine bottle and ran away. He slips and drops the bottle. Agastya passes by and catches the bottle. Ashu calls him Kaachu and thanks him. Agastya asks what? Ashu says uncle/uncle who caught the medicine bottle. Agastya gets impressed by Ashu and asks why he is running around. Ashu says he doesn’t want to take bitter medicine. Agastya tells him the story of his childhood where his elder brother tricks him with a story and makes him drink medicine. He asks Ashu where his parents are. Ashu says they are at Radha Rani’s house and asks if his parents are also at Radha Rani’s house.

Agastya becomes emotional and befriends him. Ashu asks if he is the one who paid for his treatment and thanks him. Imlie finds Ashu and tries to give him medicine. Ashu says that his Kaichu had already given him the medicine and he had borne the expenses of his treatment. Imlie thinks Ashu’s Kaichu is her superhero and prays for happiness.

Dadi massages Agastya’s scalp with oil while Govind walks humming the song but stops seeing Dadi. Agastya says Dadi lets aunty do her favorite things, then why does she stop Govind from doing his favorite things. Grandma doesn’t answer.

Amrit comes in and says that he likes Noyonika Johari and has suggested Agastya to marry her. He looks at Sonia and says he knows she doesn’t like it, but Agastya is his friend and he wants the best for him. Sonia says that she likes his direct answers. Amrit thinks that if Agastya gets married and gets busy with his new wife and Sonia gets busy with her family business, he can enjoy with Imlie.

Grandmother asks Agastya to get married now as his friend has also approved the girl. Agastya says he will not marry and will expand his family business. Dadi pretends to fall seriously ill and convinces Agastya for marriage. Agastya left. Dadi reveals that she was just pretending to convince Agastya for marriage.

Agastya returns and asks if she was pretending to convince him and says he will marry with 2 conditions, one he will talk to Noyonika and know her decision first. His stepmother says that the jeweler trusts her a lot and sends her stepson only after informing her daughter about it. Agastya says there is a difference between informing and taking opinion, he will take a decision only after talking to Noyonika.

Precap: Imlie tells Bunty that she will tell the truth to Agastya and talk to him on phone. Agastya informs her about their alliance and she looks upset.


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Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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