Barsatein 17th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Barsatein17th October 2023 episode starts with Reyansh saying any good boy with good mentality will hold Kimaya’s hand, he will be lucky to have her, she needs you, Malini ji, Viren is calling me, I will see you. he goes Kimaya says mom, don’t punish Aradhana for my mistakes. Malini goes. Aradhana makes Kimaya happy. Reyansh comes to talk to him. Viren says Akash and I dreamed of working together, it’s Malini’s birthday and I want to invite you all. He praises Malini. He dances with her. Everyone dances. Kriti gets angry seeing Jai with Aradhana. Viren receives a threatening message. He goes away. Everyone is dancing. Malini looks at Viren.

He thinks who could be this blackmailer, who knows my history, how is this possible. Malini asks what happened. He says, forgive me right now. Kriti looks at Jai and Aradhana. She says, sorry, but can you leave us alone for some time. Jai says Kriti doesn’t let me spend time with Aradhana. Reyansh comes. He says stay away from Aradhana, she always gossips about me. Jai asks him to drink alcohol. Reyansh says I will become a good person like you.

Jai takes him. Kriti talks to Aradhana. She says Jai and I are getting married. Aradhana says congratulations, Jai is a good boy, he will keep you happy. Kriti says you are also one of the K sisters. They embrace. Kriti thinks you are very clever, you play with Jai’s emotions and are pretending to be happy for me. She says don’t tell this to anyone. Aradhana says this is a good news. Kriti says mom and dad don’t want to tell anything after Kimaya’s tragedy, we will tell it on Roka day, I told you because you are like family. Aradhana says thanks. Kriti asks him to have a drink. Aradhana takes a glass of juice. Kriti thinks I will fool Aradhana.

Akash says this AV will tell only what I want to say. They watch a video of Viren’s trip. Viren stops AV. Malini asks what are you doing. He says sorry and leaves. Reyansh says I think he enjoyed the party a lot, we will enjoy, let him come back. Malini asks Komal to go and meet Viren. Viren receives a threatening letter. Malini messages Vivek to come and fix the alliance of the children. Vivek smiles after reading the letter. He calls Kadambari.

He says I thought of calling you and giving a good news, I am very happy, congratulations, the girl’s family has called us for Reyansh’s wedding, he has won today, will you come to talk to them. She asks did the lawyer call you, I can’t do this now, Reyansh knows everything about us, he is happy in his life, I think we should get divorced now, I tried so much. , but I can’t. He becomes sad.

During Malini’s birthday, Aradhana gets a gift for her. Malini goes. Aradhana says okay, this is special fudge for her, I have made it for her. Kimaya is right. She asks Malini not to take out her anger on Aradhana. Malini says we trust someone a lot and in the end we have to suffer. Kimaya says he saved my life. Malini says he has risked your life, I can’t forgive him. Jai and Reyansh come to the party. Aradhana and Kimaya smile seeing Reyansh. Kriti says welcome boys. Jai says you sisters are looking very good today. Reyaansh praises Aradhana. Kriti says that Kimaya likes bad things. Kriti asks Kimaya and Aradhana to come and see the arrangements.

Malini asks Viren why are you worried. Viren asks am I a bad person. She asks what are you saying, you took big risk, I never found you so scared. He says, let’s celebrate. he goes Jai says my relationship is fixed. Reyaansh says I know everything, you are in love, my marriage is also getting fixed. Jai says you always compete with me. Reyansh says we will become related now. They talk about their lovers. They see Aradhana.

Precap:Reyansh asks can’t we get a second chance. He comes closer to Aradhana. they kiss. Jai looks on. Kriti misleads Malini.

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