Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 4th October 2023 episode starts with Beena saying a letter has come for you, why don’t you give your new address, Rajan had many secrets, maybe you know about his secrets, he liked the company of beautiful girls. , Did you have any relation with Rajan? Malini says no, he was my friend. Beena says he used to be a postman for you. Malini says I think it came here by mistake. Bina says mistakes should not become sins, thanks for your bulk order.

Malini says this did not come by post, who gave this to you. Beena says I don’t know, many people come here, has your old secret been revealed. Malini says I am sure it is some useless pamphlet. Reyansh tells about the airport cargo scam. Viren says if you expose a big man then… Jai says we will get credibility. Reyaansh says nothing is bigger than truth, Jai has come and I have got more courage. Aradhana asks did you manage without courage till now.

Reyansh says I had courage, I got the support of a friend now, now you have just 16 hours left. He says I gave him a secret story to cover. Jai says okay. Viren says it is interesting. Reyaansh feels that Aradhana should have the courage to speak the truth. Malini read the letter. she is surprised. She thinks who is he and how does he know about my letters coming to that café, if Viren and kids know this then… I have to stop Viren but how.

She calls Viren. She thinks what will I tell her, I have to find some other way. Aradhana comes to talk to Reyansh. He flirts with her. She says I came to kill you. logic. Kriti comes to meet Jai. They talk about the laughter of their childhood. Jai says your mother gave me the responsibility of Vikram and Kimaya’s marriage. Kriti says yes, you do it. He asks if he loves her. She says Vikram definitely loves Kimaya. He says we can play Kamadeva together. Kriti says okay.

Aradhana says I don’t care if you give me time, I will tell Malini whenever I want, leave me on my own, go and do your work. Reyansh says you did not leave me capable of working. She pushes him away and goes away. Kriti fools Reyansh by showing Jai’s video. Reyansh smiles. She says sorry Vikram, isn’t this dad’s cabin. He says sorry, I saw something, trust me, I am really happy, Jai is my childhood friend. She smiles and leaves. Reyansh feels that Jai has expressed his love to Kriti. Jai calls Vivek and says Reyansh loves someone, come and get them married. Vivek asks if the girl said yes?

Jai says yes. Vivek became happy. Reyansh leaves an audio message for Aradhana. Aradhana comes home. She listens to his message. She looks at Kimaya and asks if everything is fine. Kimaya says when I talk to Vikram I feel stressed, I feel happy. Aradhana says he is good towards you. She calms down Kimaya. Kimaya and Malini get some message. They are shocked to see the intimacy video of Kimaya and Angad.

Kimaya cries and shows the video to Aradhana. Malini receives threat. She cries and says who can do this? Reyansh and Jai plan the channel launch. They tease each other about their love life. Reyansh says you told him, I saw it. Jai says I didn’t think you would fall in love. Reyansh says you never saw any girl, you fell in love here. Jai says she is special, innocent, sweet, she has a strength, I respect her. Reyansh also praises Aradhana. Jai says don’t lose your love. Reyansh says never.

Malini says I have to stop this story, did this message reach Kimaya. Aradhana asks who has sent this video, don’t worry. Kimaya cries. Malini comes and hugs him. Kimaya says sorry. Malini says someone is trying to blackmail us.

Malini says I think Kimaya is pregnant. Reyansh and Jai wait for news. Malini asks Aradhana to talk to Vikram and stop the news. Aradhana says I will talk to him. Kriti sees Jai and Reyansh arguing.


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