Kavya 4th October 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 5th October 2023 episode starts Jaideep arriving and being welcomed at the academy. Kavya makes friends with her roommate. They wear saree. Hopes…drama… Kavya and everyone comes for the convocation. Adhiraj smiles seeing her. She hears a peon saying how will I get the money. She asks why are you worried? He says nothing, this is my last day here, you will be late, go, it is your big day, go.

Richa comes and asks Kavya to come to get the best seats. Kavya remembers her goal. Jaideep says if no one reaches OT hall then close the door, OT should know the value of time. Meher asks Kavya to come inside. Kavya says keep a seat for me. Kavya walks in and smiles. She says I have left Shubh to reach here. She imagines her sister. Adhiraj talks to his mother on video call. She says everything is same, everyone here likes mobile phone, there was no camera in your time.

She says I had one, my dad brought it for me. He asks her to remember the exact moment, first female OT in top 50, rank 10, Malini Kumar IAS, how are you feeling seeing me here. She says very good. Giriraj asks did you learn anything there. He becomes rude. She asks him to congratulate Adhiraj. Adhiraj jokes.

Giriraj says bless you, you become a big man. He asks Malini to see the academy. Adhiraj says I am doing this for you. She says I want you to do something for you. He looks at Kavya and says maybe because of one of the OTs the system changes, goodbye mom, love you. Richa asks Kavya to smile for the selfie. Adhiraj asks Kavya to smile. Kavya says this is just the way, not the destination. She goes outside to the old peon. Peon says I am helpless, I am not able to give you good education, don’t cry. Kavya asks can I help you. The peon says you go, the program is starting. She asks what happened. He asks her to leave. He says you will be late, go.

She says you are like my uncle, I will share your sorrow, tell me, what can I do for you. He says wonderful. She asks what happened. He says my daughter is smart, I have put her in a nearby school, I had a big dream that she will become a big officer, the school is asking fees, it is the last day and I couldn’t arrange the money. She says that dreams have no limits. She asks the name of the school. She talks to the principal about Naina. The principal doesn’t listen.

Academy head comes and asks Kavya to go inside. Kavya asks him to help the peon with money. She says I have reached here, it is my responsibility to help. The lady says first you learn, come with me, the director is punctual. Kavya says we should help Rajeshwar/peon. She then talks to the principal. The lady waits for Kavya. Kavya says you have to consider the case of CAD employee. Lady Ms. Sinha opens the convocation ceremony. Kavya convinces the principal and thanks him.

Jaideep asks if all the trainees came. Ms. Sinha says, everyone except Ms. Kavya Bansal. Jaideep says there is no place for latecomers here, close the doors. Kavya says work is done. The peon blesses him. Kavya says this is my work, that is why I have come here. The peon says come quickly, you should have strength in your hands. Kavya runs. She sees her sister happy and smiles.

Adhiraj says Kavya is missing. Kavya runs. The doors close. She sits and starts crying. Adhiraj opens the door and comes out. He asks is the mission over, come inside. He takes her inside. Jaideep comes there. Kavya is shocked to see him. She falls down. She remembers his words.

Kavya says I want to become an IAS. Jaideep plans to break Kavya. Kavya comes to know about the project. She asks him why are you doing this. He asks him to accept defeat.

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