Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd October 2023 Written Update

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Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Veerendra about Neelam and tells him that she has heard everything and knows that Neelam is not eating anything.She tells Rishi that he has to go back as Neelam is his mother and she has maximum rights over him.She insists to Rishi that he is leaving and it is final.Meanwhile, Karishma tells Neelam that she will talk to Virendra and ask where he is.

However, Neelam asks him not to call as they will wait for anything to happen.Just then grandmother comes to Neelam’s room with a glass of juice and tells her to drink it otherwise she will fall ill.However, Neelam tells him that she will not be able to drink it and requests him not to use his position in the family to put pressure on her.On the other hand, Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will not go back home while Lakshmi tells him that she has to go as Neelam is not eating and a mother cannot stay away from her child.

However, Rishi tells him that Veerendra will take care of Neelam and that Neelam is responsible for sending him away from him.Lakshmi tells him that he has to take care of his mother without thinking about what he has done.Meanwhile, Rishi tells him that Neelam wants him to marry Malishka and if she wants him to do so.However, Lakshmi tells him that if Neelam wants so then he should go and marry Malishka because no family can prosper without the blessings of their mother and above all Rishi loves Malishka so he should live with her. .

Meanwhile, Rishi tells her that he loves her and will also marry her.When asked to leave, Rishi tells him that he will go only when his condition is fulfilled.He tells her that his condition has to be fulfilled by Neelam and Lakshmi.On the other hand, Dadi calls Karishma to her room and scolds her for supporting Neelam instead of making her understand that Rishi and Lakshmi are made for each other.Meanwhile, Karishma tells him that instead of telling her he should ask Rishi to come back home and marry Malishka.

Dadi then calls Virendra and asks him what should he do now as Neelam is being stubborn while Virendra tells him to leave everything to God.Meanwhile, Malishka is eagerly waiting for her mother to tell her that she is going to marry Rishi because Neelam is on a food strike and has taken a stand for Rishi.She also tells him that Rishi will not be able to bear Neelam’s pain and will come running back.On the other hand, Rishi tells Virendra that he will come home only when Lakshmi comes with him.

Lakshmi tells him that Neelam would never agree to this nor would she do it but Rishi tells her that he just wants to live in peace and for that he needs her in his life.However, Lakshmi pleads with him to go home as he would not be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her.Elsewhere, Sonal tells Malishka that it might be possible for Rishi to bring Lakshmi home with him.Malishka tells her that it is not possible as Neelam will never let Lakshmi back into the house.

However, Malishka and Kiran also become worried thinking about his possibility.Later, Neelam is in her room when Kiran comes to thank her for loving her daughter so much and asks her if she thinks Rishi will return home without Lakshmi.Neelam looks angry and tells him with certainty that Rishi will definitely come back home.Elsewhere, Malishka scolds Sonal for spoiling her mood and filling her with fear about Rishi bringing Lakshmi back home.

Later, Neelam is waiting for Rishi when Virendra comes alone which shocks Neelam.She asks him if he didn’t tell Rishi that his mother is hungry and waiting for him as he can’t see her like this and comes running calling her “mom”.Then Rishi hears his mother calling him and he runs into Neelam’s arms, bringing a smile on her face.


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ANS. You can watch Bhagya Lakshmi online on zee5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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