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Episode starts with Naaz getting excited as she is about to open the mysterious letter.Meanwhile, her sister-in-law asks her to see it later and focus on the wedding right now.On the other hand, Bilawal is very happy to see his sister in bridal attire while Sumeet is tensed.Shlok also doesn’t like it as he is about to marry Naaz while Bilawal’s wife goes to Bilawal and asks him to start the wedding rituals as soon as possible.

Bilawal goes to Sumeet and orders him to dance at Naaz and Adil’s Nikah.In fact, he tries to scare her into dancing or he will harm her husband.Sumeet gets scared and gets ready to dance in Naaz’s wedding.After this Bilawal leaves from there and Naaz comes to meet him and whispers in his ear that she is keeping an eye on Sumeet and Shlok all the time.He says that he is looking for the right time when he can catch both husband and wife red handed.

Meanwhile, Sumeet gets nostalgic and recalls his old moment when Raj was giving him all the love and affection before his marriage, just like Bilawal is giving to his sister.She murmurs that it doesn’t matter if you are from different countries but in the end, everyone has the same human emotions.On the other hand, Masoom goes to Shlok’s house and announces that she is canceling Raj and Priyanka’s wedding.

Priyanka’s father gets stressed when he shows her a viral video in which she is taking a bath.Her father breaks down and is emotionally broken.Meanwhile, Naaz and Sumeet dance together but Sumeet tries to steal the letter from Naaz’s bundle as she does not want him to read it otherwise Naaz will know her and Shlok’s reality.While dancing, the letter falls from Naaz’s bag while Sumeet sees it and bends down to pick it up.Bilawal becomes suspicious of her as he doesn’t find her anywhere on the dance floor so he goes straight there.

After that, he realizes that Sumeet is wearing his anklet so he leaves from there.Suddenly, Akki comes to Sumeet and hands over the letter but Naaz sees it in his hand so she snatches the letter from him.She starts reading it while Sumeet gets worried and decides to run away from there with Akki and Shlok.She hatches a plan and switches off the fuse so that the power supply is cut off.

The three of them go into a room while Naaz shines a light on them from the window and Bilawal comes into the room with her.There she finds Adil while Sumeet hides behind the wall and she is surprised to see Adil while Naaz makes a sad face and says that she is in sorrow because Adil has broken her heart.Sumeet and Shlok get worried while Naaz starts laughing and says that she is impressed by his letter as it has won her heart.

She shows it to everyone because it has her picture on it.She expresses her feelings that at least Aadil thought of her.After this, Bilawal says that now he is not worried because he can see the same love for his sister in Adil’s eyes also.He asks them to come down for the remaining rituals then Shlok asks them to leave and says he will come in a few minutes.On the other hand, Priyanka tries to commit suicide by hanging herself on the fan.

Meanwhile, the real Aadil tries to open the rope with his hand as he wants to tell Naaz the truth about Shlok and Sumeet.After this, Shlok asks Sumeet why he changed the letter and Akki tells him that he changed it because he wants to go back to India.


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