Bhagya Lakshmi 8th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi 8th October 2023 episode starts with Ayush coming to Virendra’s cabin and seeing Rishi. He tells Virendra that Rishi Bhai is now calling him Sir and his head is bursting with pain. Virendra says it is between you brothers. Ayush tells Rishi that he is superior/bigger than him in every way and asks him not to call him Sir. Rishi hugs her and smiles. He says sorry sir. Virendra says he is calling Sir again and asks Ayush to kill him.

He smiles and asks Rishi to convince Lakshmi to marry him. He says you know your mother, because she can do anything to stop this marriage. Rishi says yes father. Ayush says Malishka is calling Mami as mom and asks her to be alert and careful around her. He says whatever problem Lakshmi and you had from the first day is because of Malishka. He says it’s just that I can never give proof. He asks her to be careful. Virendra asks Rishi to convince Lakshmi soon.

Neelam calls Lakshmi and asks to meet her. Lakshmi looks on. Karishma hears and thinks this will be the last attack and then Lakshmi can’t come back here. Malishka is angry at Ayush. Karishma asks what happened? Malishka tells him that Ayush insulted her and praised Lakshmi. She says I could not get married because of Ayush, grandmother and Virendra uncle. Karishma says I will treat Ayush and says you will get good news soon.

She says Bhabhi has gone to meet Lakshmi. Malishka asks what is she going to do? Karishma says she went to keep Lakshmi away from Rishi and your way. Lakshmi comes to the restaurant and sees Neelam sitting. Dadi wonders who is stopping Lakshmi. She thinks that Rishi had proposed her in front of everyone, then why is Lakshmi not accepting his love, when she also loves her a lot. Virendra is in his office. Grandma calls him. Virendra says Lakshmi doesn’t agree yet, but Rishi will convince her and marry her. Dadi says she tried to convince Lakshmi, till she agrees, they can just try. Virendra ends the call.

Lakshmi comes to Neelam. Neelam says you didn’t ask me why I called you. Lakshmi says you called me, that’s why. Neelam says you obey everything of mine, and asks her to go away from Rishi’s life. She says I will give you anything, house, money etc. Rishi thinks dad is right, he has to make Lakshmi understand otherwise mom and Malishka will separate me from her.

Lakshmi and Neelam see a boy insisting on going horse riding. The mother tries to convince him and then slaps him hard to control him. Neelam tells Lakshmi that her mother tried to console her lovingly, but when she didn’t agree, she slapped her hard because she wanted her well-being and happiness. She says that a mother can also take her Rudra avatar. She says I can also take Rudra avatar for Rishi’s happiness. She asks why you want to go far, and says you will go far away from him, that he won’t be able to find you. She politely threatens him.

Malishka asks Karishma if Neelam aunty went there. Karishma says yes. She asks Malishka to become her perfect daughter-in-law and keep the family united. Malishka tells that mother and you have promised many times, but nothing happened. Neelam tells that Rishi was about to meet with an accident, I saved him and got the driver arrested and punished. She says you will also be punished as you are playing with his life, Rishi will marry only Malishka and not you. She asks him to go far away from here and asks do you agree with my proposal.

Lakshmi says sorry if you feel bad, but if I say the same thing to you. She says if I say I will give you whatever you ask, but you will go away from Rishi. Neelam gets up and screams loudly. After this Malishka apologizes to Karishma. Karishma tells that she also has a complaint against herself and tells that this time Bhabhi is like a wounded lioness and will do anything to separate Lakshmi and Rishi. She says she will come with Rishi.

Neelam says you are trying to give importance to mother’s love with money and says no one can compensate mother’s love. Lakshmi says love is also the same, if love is true then it is said that it is incarnation of God. Neelam asks do you love her? Lakshmi says Rishi loves me, I didn’t say I want to marry him and refused to marry him.

Neelam says it was your drama and tells that Rishi came to invite them for marriage. Lakshmi says it was Rishi’s work, and says I respect you and consider you as a mother, and a wall cannot be built between mother and son. She says you were talking about that mother, and says mother explained to her son, not the horse. She asks him to make Rishi understand. She says I tried every way to stop him, but he comes to her or fate brings them together.

Brings with hand. She says I am afraid that if I leave my breath to make him go away from me, he will also leave his breath and come near me.

Karishma tells Malishka that tomorrow is your wedding day. Malishka smiles and says my mehendi color still hasn’t gone away. Karishma says this is proof of how much you love her. She says Neelam Bhabhi will never let her son go to a person who always takes advantage of him. She asks him to dream about her marriage.

Rishi is in a taxi and it stops on the way. Neelam asks are you threatening me? Lakshmi says no aunty. Neelam tells him not to tell her anything and blames him for controlling Rishi. Lakshmi says she never wanted Rishi to go away from her (Neelam), and says the one who left his home for me, how can he leave me. She says what if I leave him and if he doesn’t return home? She says she’s really sad without you.

Neelam says if he had loved and respected me then he would have come back. Lakshmi says he loves you a lot and respects you. Neelam says you have cast a spell on her. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything, and says I don’t know why she did this. Neelam says you have made her crazy and are controlling her, and asks her to go away from Rishi’s life, and not force him to take extreme actions against her. Lakshmi says I am ready to go away from him, but on one condition that he returns to you, else I will come.

She says she left home for me, just to support me, and says sorry, I just want her happiness, not life and I am helpless… I can’t leave her. Neelam says helpless and says you know how to break houses, people and hearts and make people helpless. She asks how can you face yourself and says your values are not right, there are flaws in it. She says it was my mistake to come here and make you understand. She says I thought you would understand and agree, but you proved that you are the same as I think.


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