Titli 7th October 2023 Written Update

Titli 7th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th October 2023 episode starts with Titli saying I will tell the truth to Garv and he will throw you out of his life. Garv comes and tells you here. Megha hides the album and smiles. She lies proudly. She jokes and points the gun at Titli. Garv stops him and takes the gun. He says if anything happens to Titli I will die. Titli says I understand you very well that is why I have come to meet you. They go. Maina gets angry seeing Chiku playing. She scolds him.

He gets scared. The cuckoo comes and says that he is a child. Maina says he is not our child. Koel says I will make him understand. Alpa looks on. Koyal says I will come with you and we will play outside. He drops the ball. It collides with myna. Maina gets angry and raises her hands. Manikant comes and stops Maina.

He defends Chiku and scolds Maina. He says just you have problem with her, Koyal lives with her lovingly, you always do like this. Maina goes. He asks Chiku to play. Alpa smiles. Titli asks Megha to sit on the back seat. She thinks Megha wants to take my place. Megha says you are driving slowly, it doesn’t suit you. He says I can’t break traffic rules, I have changed for a Titli, I have to spend a long life with her. Megha tries to provoke him. The Titli protects Garv.

She says we should make memories. Megha asks how. The Titli plays the radio. Garv and the Titli have a moment. Megha gets angry. Alpa comes to Maina and jokes with her. She says I care for you, Manikant can leave you and go to Koyal, have tea. Maina throws the tea in anger. Titli and Megha have a conversation outside the house. Megha says I understood, you are doing right for your husband, but this is wrong, listen to me, there should be understanding between two people in marriage, you are good like Garv, but different, no competition.

You are as calm as water and proud as fire, tell me have you heard that water and fire can become one. Titli says yes, they are made for each other, only water can quench the fire, Garv is changing for me. Megha argues. The Titli proves its point. Megha says maybe we are right on our front. Titli says don’t forget your place, Megha, you are a doctor, you have come here to treat Garv, what you want will never happen, Garv will never love you. Megha asks genuinely.

Titli says yes, this is the faith of Sindoor Suhagan, my husband is only mine, you will never get him. Titli makes coffee. She looks at Garv and recalls their moments. She says I have made special coffee for you. He says great, we can celebrate something else also, you were thinking about that and smiling. She doesn’t say anything. He says but I am just thinking about it, we spent quality time after a long time, I will be a good person as you want, you will fall in love with me again, we will live our life like a perfect couple. Will spend. He grabs her to kiss her. She stops him. She says you have to leave many bad habits, we will maintain this distance.

Megha says you mean, totally, you want to create a new Garv, I thought of having another therapy session. They ask now? Megha says yes, it is late, I don’t want your license to come late. She asks Titli to wish her good luck. They go. Koyal asks where Garv is going with Megha. Titli says Megha wants another meeting with her.

Koel says you don’t take this light, do something. Titli says I trust Garv. Koel says yes, but you can’t trust Megha, keep an eye on her, go after her. The Titli hugged him. She says I am noticing Manikant, he lied to us about Chiku, he regrets the lie, I have seen it, he has hidden a lot of pain in his heart, his male ego is not letting him express it. Yes, he has become lonely, he needs someone, dear, that could be you, talk to him when you feel like it. She goes.

Megha’s saree caught fire. The Titli extinguishes the fire. Megha says get ready to get ruined. Titli scolds him.


Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. There is an argument between Megha and Titli and Titli asks her to leave after submitting the clearance certificate for Garv

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