Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 6th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 episode starts with Katha requests Mr. Garewal to never question Katha as to why she ended her relationship with Viaan. Kavita catches Mr. Garewal, Aarav listens to them. Katha wants everyone to accept that she and Viaan are no longer together.

At the hospital, Teeji asks Viaan what happened. Viaan tells that he made a mistake some time ago, but he did not let it overpower him, he saved her, rescued her but now she is gone. Teeji apologizes, she never took a stand for Viaan, neither before nor today, she can’t tolerate Viaan’s happiness. Teeji was blind at first, but she can see that Katha has always saved her son. She wants to make amends. Viaan considers Katha and Aarav as her ideal family. Teeji asks what to do now. Ehsaan enters, Viaan sends him to bring the discharge letter. Viaan will bring back the story.

Katha returns to her old apartment, she arranges everything while remembering her memories with Viaan. She starts crying loudly after seeing their picture together. Viaan misses his Robin. Katha rearranges her apartment. Falguni came wondering why the door was opened. She hugs both Katha and Aarav and suggests them to have lunch first.

The doctor refuses to discharge Viaan, saying he will have to be kept under observation for another night.Teeji returns home and asks Maya about Viaan. Teeji forbids her from asking about Viaan, he must have done something terrible due to which Katha ends her relationship with Viaan. Maya questions, Teeji wanted to eliminate Katha from Viaan’s life.

Teeji agrees, she was out of her mind, she didn’t realize there is no Viaan without Katha. Teeji blames Maya for driving away her son. Maya yells at her, Teeji yells, she should have fought for her son instead of listening to Maya. Teeji taunts Maya for plotting even when Viaan was on his death bed. Teeji will fix everything broken by Maya, will bring Katha and Aarav into this house, because it is theirs. Maya calls this the end of Raghuvanshi’s name. Teeji’s future lies in her son, she will book a ticket to Paris for Maya, requesting Maya to go away forever.

At the hospital, Ehsaan asks Viaan if he wants to talk to Aarav, Viaan should dial the number instead of thinking too much. Viaan dials Aarav’s number. Aarav was studying in the lounge, he read his name, Katha nodded to him for not attending. Aarav silenced the phone. Katha calms herself, refrains from crying.

Next morning, Katha gets a call after which she panics. She gets ready, attends the second call, it was Viaan. He apologizes, this is his second number. When Viaan finds out what happened at school, he wants to come. Katha wants him to rest, she will handle everything.

At the school, the principal complains to Katha about Aarav misbehaving with children, he brutally attacked a child in the school who is currently in the hospital. Aarav has never behaved like this, the principal wants to know if he is going through any trouble at home. Katha keeps looking towards the door. The principal questions her, Katha herself will apologize to the children’s parents. Katha keeps looking towards the door.

The principal has also informed Viaan. Katha comes out. Viaan enters the principal’s office, who is shocked to see Viaan in bandages, understanding why Katha was stressed. The principal condemns what Aarav did today. Viaan apologizes, Katha will handle everything, he will even help. Ehsaan calls Viaan and asks where is he, the whole hospital is worried about him. Ehsaan requests her to return, sing the discharge form filled for Viaan. Viaan returned to the hospital.

Katha questions Aarav who complains about her not asking for money, he knows she will scold him now. Katha questions, she has to ask why he broke someone’s hand. Aarav did not intend to do this. Katha asks why he was suspended. Katha realizes that she was shouting, calms herself down instead of freshening up with Aarav. Katha knows that he is under stress these days but violence is not an option. She has taught him to count to 10 to calm himself.

Aarav did the same. Katha wants to know what made him so upset that he attacked his friend. Aarav refused to tell. Katha loves Aarav unconditionally, the son of that injured child should also have an unconditionally loving mother. Katha wants Aarav to speak so that she can talk to that mother also.
Ehsaan tells Viaan that Maya is behind everything, she was collecting information about Katha and Viaan since day one.

Precap: Ehsaan refuses to accept Maya as his mother anymore. Viaan enters the Garewal mansion, telling Katha that only death can separate them. Reet shows evidence footage to Mr. Garewal that Viaan is using Katha.

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