Imlie 7th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 7th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 7th October 2023 episode starts withAgastya thinks he is protecting step mother’s feelings and his family is criticizing him because of the bar girl. he leaves home. Dadi notices this and wonders where he is going at this time. She asks Jugnu to chase Gattu. Imlie and Ashu kept getting wet in the rain. Ashu asks when will they go to their home. 

Imlie says that they will make this place their home because the soil of their village is unique. Ashu asks where are the walls of their house. Imlie dances and sings Choti Si Kahani…song and builds a hut for him, remembering that Agastya fired her from her job. She asks Ashu to rest now. Ashu says she is completely drenched. Imlie asks her not to worry about him.

She noticed that Ashu had high fever and was fainting and took him to a dispensary, where the security guard informed her that the doctor had left for the day and asked her to take Ashu to a private hospital. . Imlie thinks she can’t afford the private hospital as she is unemployed because of Agastya and thinks Agastya has to pay Ashu’s expenses now. She requests the guard to let Ashu stay there till she returns. The guard agrees.

Alka and Sonali try to convince Dadi that their business has suffered a loss of Rs 10 crore due to Agastya, who has no understanding of business and hence the business should be handed over to Sonali. Govind asks them not to worry about the business and let Dadi go and sleep. Alka says that Govind will support Agastya as his mother was from the artist fraternity like Govind. Rajni says she agrees that Alka was wrong, but it is not Gattu’s fault. Dadi scatters them all.

Ashu wakes up and, not finding Imlie with him, leaves the dispensary in search of her. The watchman fails to stop him. Agastya sees Ashu suddenly appear in front of the car and in an attempt to save him, crashes his car into a tree. Jugnu notices this and informs Dadi that Agastya has met with an accident. Grandma gets a shock and falls on the glass table and injures herself.

Imlie reaches Chaudhary’s house to confront Agastya and ask him for money. She sees grandmother and calls family members for help, but everyone is busy in their own world. Jugnu runs to help Agastya. People gather and think of taking him to the hospital. Agastya wakes up and says there was a boy on the road. People say there was no boy here.

The goons see Ashu and kidnap him. Agastya reaches there and warns the goons to leave the boy. They refuse. Agastya punches one and speaks heavy dialogues like Imlie. They get scared and run away leaving Ashu. Ashu thanks him for saving her again. Agastya feels connected to the boy and remembers his bond with his brother. Ashu fell. Agastya takes him to the hospital. Ashu opened his eyes. Agastya asks him to give his family member’s number to call here. Imlie takes care of Dadi’s wounds and wonders where Agastya would be and calls him.

Precap: Doctor asks Imlie to collect money as soon as possible for Ashu’s treatment as his condition is bad. Imlie thinks she lost her job because of Agastya, now Agastya has to pay for Ashu’s treatment.


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Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story


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