Imlie 6th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 6th October 2023 episode starts with Bulbul cries that she lost her job and her attempt to call Amrit and rob him in the name of Imlie also lost, now how will they get the money. Imlie hears this and beats Bulbul for her disgusting act. Pallo tries to save Bulbul. Imlie lashes out at her for supporting her daughter’s wrongdoings. She also curses Bulbul for using her name to expose Amrit and get her fired from her job.

She asks how will she get money for Ashu’s treatment now. Pallo asks Titu to save her daughter from Imlie. Titu asks why would he protect Bulbul now and asks what kind of mother she is who teaches her daughter wrong. Pallo decides to throw Ashu and Imlie out of the house.

Sonali asks Amrit who he was talking to and why he sent money to that woman. Amrit lies that he once helped the singer for his nephew’s treatment, but she accused him of molesting her today and slaps him; He showed her all the emotional blackmail messages and got out of the situation. He takes action and says he will hand over the NGO to Sonali from here. Sonali says she is a smart businesswoman who doesn’t believe in charity, so she should handle the NGO. Amrit smiles thinking how he easily fools Sonali and thinks that now he will get Imlie.

Pallo throws Imlie and Ashu out of the house amidst the rain. Imlie requests Ashu to call her inside as it is raining heavily. Pallo says Imlie dared to defeat Bulbul; As long as Imlie was not paying her rent, he let her stay at home, now she has lost her job and hence cannot live in her house. Titu requests Pallo to let Imlie and Ashu come inside. Pallo refused and closed the door. Imlie struggles to provide shelter to Ashu.

Govind tells Amma that he had sung Raag Malhar in the morning and now it has started raining. Manno says that if he had sung Raag Malhari, he would have got alliance with boys like Ranbir and Hrithik. Govind says he will call her aunty. Manno says she is still young. Rajni says she is right. Govind says he formed a team, if Gattu/Agastya were here he would have supported them. He asks where is Gattu.

Agastya comes in. Dadi asks if he has hired that chef again. Agastya says no. Alka curses her tongue-in-cheek that her bar singer mother had once trapped her husband and ruined her life, today illegitimate Agastya ruined their business; Agastya had protested when Mr. Johari once employed a singer during an engagement and now he has fired an innocent chef. Agastya feels that bar girl and chef are alike. Alka continues to insult her.

Titu tries to burn the house and says if Imlie can’t stay here then he will burn the house. Pelo insults him for not earning money and not protecting his daughter and snatches the matchbox from him. Titu prays to God that he should not make any human being helpless.

Imlie sits under a tree with Ashu. Ashu asks when will they go home and requests him to bring food as he is feeling very hungry. Imlie consoles her. Bunty approaches her and insists on staying at her house until he finds a place to stay. Imlie says she doesn’t want to trouble him and asks him to leave.

Bunty insists. His mother comes to him and warns him not to dare support Imlie as Imlie is a cheap bar girl and drags him away from there. Imlie thinks all her problems are because of Agastya. Agastya gets angry remembering that Alkha had insulted him and thinks that he had to be insulted because of the cheap bar girl Imlie.

Precap: Doctor asks Imlie to collect money as soon as possible for Ashu’s treatment as his condition is bad. Imlie thinks she lost her job because of Agastya, now Imlie has to pay for Agastya’s treatment.


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