Titli 6th October 2023 Written Update

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The episode starts with Maina saying that only Megha can help Garv get his license back. Titli smiles and lets Garv go with Megha. Koyal tells Titli why she let Megha go with garv. Titli tells that she wants to check her luggage. Chintu feeds brownie to Dhara and says he knows she feels better after eating it. He holds her hand and says that she is his best friend and promises that he will never leave her alone. Dhara smiles seeing him.

Dhrishti comes there with her friends and Dhara tells Chintu that they should leave. While they were leaving, a letter fell from Dhara’s diary in which romantic poetry was written. Drishti’s friends tease Dhara about this. Dhrishti reads it further and reads that it is addressed to Chintu.

Dhara feels embarrassed and goes away while Chintu watches while taking the letter. Gary and Megha reach the place where he has arranged a surprise for her. Megha brings Garv to the shooting area and asks him to suppress his aggression instead of using it there. Megha encourages Garv to aim and shoot as much as he wants. She inspires him to vent out his anger. Garv remembers the accident of Chiku’s death and Manikant blames him for it. He starts shooting and Megha tries to hug him from behind.

Titli asks Koyal to be careful as Megha is very sharp minded. They reach Megha’s room but Maina comes there and questions what they are planning. Koyal handles the situation by making an excuse that the door was open so they were closing it. After the myna leaves, titli and the cuckoo enter the room. They try to check the drawer but it is locked. Chiku comes there and says he can open it. He uses Titli’s hairpin and unties her immediately. Cuckoo goes with him to give him chocolate


Later Manikant bumps into Chiku and requests him not to beat him. When the cuckoo comes there, Chiku gets scared and hides behind it. Garv tells Megha that shooting is good and she should also try. Megha proudly asks him to teach her and keeps looking at her admiringly. Hearing the gunshot, she hugs Garv.

Titli checks Megha’s drawer and finds Garv’s pictures in it. She sees all the cards and letters made by Megha to express her love for Garv which leaves Titli shocked. Manikant tells Chiku that he will not kill him. Koyal confronts him and says that because of him Chiku has suffered a lot and she feels very scared in his presence.

Manikant says that despite being away from home, he always had information about Chiku. Megha proudly questions how she felt. Garv says he feels positive and she tells him that Titli is not a doctor so she doesn’t know what is good for him. Megha feels happy when her plan succeeds.

Titli reaches there and tells him about her love for Garv. Chintu feels that Dhara loves him. She locks herself in the room and does not receive Chintu’s calls. Titli picks up the gun and points it at Megha but shoots somewhere else. The episode ends with Titli reminding Megha that she can’t take Garv away from her life.

Precap There is an argument between Megha and Titli and Titli asks her to leave after submitting the clearance certificate for Garv.

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. Titli thanks Garv for changing himself. He pulls her closer to him and tells her about strengthening their relationship.

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