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Meet 6th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 6th October 2023 episode starts with Shlok packed the bag in the car and got ready to leave. Sumeet shares his happiness with his assistant, with Shlok and Akki returning to India, expressing his excitement about his family reuniting after a long time. Akki hugs Naaz. Naaz asks Bilawal to leave Sumeet and Shlok till security check. Bilal agrees. Shlok thanks Naaz for his help and Naaz also expresses his gratitude and admits that Shlok not only saved his life but also taught him what true love is. He now mentioned having a friend in India and joked about meeting Shahrukh Khan with his friend. Shlok said laughing in agreement before preparing to depart. Sumeet threw a handkerchief on Shlok and wrote the message, ‘See you home’.

One of his men questions why Bilawal is allowing Shlok to leave India, when Shlok is his enemy and has betrayed him. Bilawal told that Shlok had molested his sister Naaz and now she is helping Shlok. His plan was to trap Shlok and destroy all the evidence against him, making it impossible for the embassy to rescue him. Shlok and Akki leave, while Sumeet is worried about his broken mangalsutra and Shlok’s safety.

Shlok’s family in India is shocked when they get a call from Sarthak. When Sarthak appeals to everyone to trust him, Pankhuri hides her smile and claims that he would never stoop so low. Pankhuri scolds Sarthak for spoiling Priyanka’s reputation and throws him out of the house. She pretended to cry and blamed her fate.

Meanwhile, Sumeet packed his things and saw that Naaz was all alone and struggling to take care of herself. He asked about Naz’s medicine and Naz asked him to check the file. Recalling Bilawal’s words, Sumeet was surprised to see the real signature of the verse in it. He informs Naaz that Bilawal has found out Shlok’s real identity and may plan something against him. She urges Naaz to call Bilawal and Naaz agrees but becomes worried when Bilawal does not answer her call. She asked Sumeet to find out Bilawal’s location using his walkie-talkie and then left.

Bilawal’s men attacked Sumit and he sent a video to Bilawal. Bilawal deliberately plays the video in front of Shlok and orders his men to kill Sumeet. Shlok was determined to save Sumeet at any cost.

Pankhuri pretends to leave the house due to Sarthak’s actions. She had recorded the video using Sarthak’s phone and described herself as a victim of his unfortunate fate. Pankhuri and Poonam beg him not to go, but Pankhuri does not agree. She secretly hoped that Raj would stop her, but Raj remained silent. Raj gets a call from the embassy and learns about Shlok and Akki’s return, which he excitedly shares with the family members. Then he asked Pankhuri not to go out of the house and Pankhuri planned her next step in her mind.

As far as Shlok was concerned, he took Bilawal’s pistol and held him at gunpoint and demanded to be taken to the temple. Dadu gets confused by Shlok’s behavior and questions him. Shlok reveals his real identity and orders the driver to take him to the temple where Bilawal had planned to kill Sumeet.

Meanwhile, Bilawal’s men brought unconscious Sumeet to the temple and poured petrol on him. Shlok arrived in time to save Sumeet and in anger tried to set Bilawal’s vehicle on fire. Sumeet intervened and stopped him from committing such a crime. Bilawal taunts both Sumeet and Shlok for falling into his trap.

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