Katha Ankahee 16th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 16th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 16th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 16th October 2023 episode starts with Katha talks to the child’s mother, telling her that she keeps headphones for Shanti. Mother questions, they go to a peaceful society. The story tells that she wants peace in the home, the atmosphere of the house largely depends on the behavior of the child, her mother should talk to her child, become his friend, try to understand his behavior. The mother walks over to her daughter, lets her keep the headphones and they both leave. Katha will meet him tomorrow. Katha gets a call, she runs home.

People standing with Aarav tell that he left the school without informing, they asked but he refused to answer. Katha asks if something happened in school. Teacher explains that they were doing a fun activity, writing about superheroes, children were busy writing about superheroes, Superman, Batman, Robin. The teachers leave.

Katha thinks how to talk to Aarav when she hears Viaan’s voice asking Batman to meet him at the sports club. Katha comes to the bedroom, Aarav shows aggression and sprays the entire wall. Katha stops Aarav, holds him, tells him that he is returning tomorrow, and says that they need to keep the past aside. Aarav misses her, he needs to talk to her.

Vian tells his friend in prison that Batman became his life, the kid was more intelligent than him. Viaan shares a special bond with him, can’t wait to meet him again. Cellmate has also formed a bond with Viaan, I will miss his company and songs. If fate holds them, they will meet again, hopefully not in jail.

Katha calls, Viaan also gets a call. The narrative tells that Aarav is becoming unbearable, she needs his help, he should return and sort out their relationship. Viaan will do what she likes, suggests to get engaged tomorrow.Children love Katha’s yoga session. Falguni comes to Katha and asks if she is in a hurry with this engagement decision. This relationship will be a new beginning for her and Aarav. This will remind us that they are entering a new phase of life. Falguni wanted to know what is in his heart, she will do the best.

Yuvraj was shocked to hear about the engagement happening today, he recalled the events that happened 8 months ago with Viaan.Ehsaan hugs Viaan, he is crying. Ehsaan knew who Viaan wanted to see first. He says the dress is ready, he gets ready and goes to the engagement. Ehsaan tells that he still worries about everything, there is a fear of something bad happening. Viaan assured that this time luck will favor them.

The story includes all of Aarav’s drawings. Viaan was in his cell when a police officer came to ask for Viaan’s autograph. Viaan signs the book. The police officer has seen many criminals in this cell, but Viaan was not one of them. There is relief after every pain, this difficult time will be compensated well.Katha packs the luggage while remembering her memories with Viaan. Yuvraj embraces her, happy with her advances. He asks about Aarav. The story tells that he had gone shopping with Falguni.

Vian is released from jail, his belongings are returned. Katha gets ready for the engagement. Falguni appreciates her, Aarav also wore clothes, he praises her. Aarav holds her hand to take her towards him.Viaan comes out of jail, Ehsaan was there. People were waiting for Viaan’s autograph and selfie. The media asks Viaan to tell his story. Viaan narrated his story. The media asks where he will go first. Viaan first has to attend an important function, he sees his mother and leaves.

Viaan comes to Teeji waiting for her. Teji apologized, she didn’t want to cry over his new beginning but couldn’t help herself. Viaan hugs her. Teeji takes Viaan as she has been waiting for him since morning.Falguni asks her husband to drive fast, wants to know why Aarav is silent, she should be ready to dance with him. Aarav looks outside the car, Katha looks at his and Viaan’s photo.

Precap: Viaan was in the car. It is only 10 minutes away. Katha tells Aarav that she is only 10 minutes away. Aarav smiled after a long time. Viaan, Teeji and Ehsaan reach the venue.


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