Katha Ankahee 18th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 18th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 18th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 18th October 2023 episode starts with Aarav brings Raghav and Katha’s rings on the stage. Raghav moves his hand, Katha looks towards Aarav. The ring falls down, Raghav asks everyone to find the ring, he will thank that special person. Aarav will find it. Raghav considers it a miracle, Aarav is the reason they are together. He thanks Katha for coming into his life.

Raghav recalls meeting Katha in the sports club, he sits next to her, Aarav does not respond. Raghav wonders why everyone is rude in this sports club. Aarav tells that children should talk to strangers. Raghav disagrees, he used to talk to everyone, calls Aarav arrogant to which he responds by angrily staring at him. Raghav wants Aarav to show that anger in the game, he has come here to practice bowling, he will not use his talent against Aarav.

Aarav bursts into anger, and questions her for talking to him when there are so many kids to talk to. Aarav calls him an old man, Raghav questions. Aarav cannot call him a child. Raghav likes this and decides to share his chips with him. He thinks that Aarav tries to doubt Shaak, who thinks that everyone is his enemy. Aarav tells him his name, takes the chips and eats them aggressively. They both fight for those chips. Raghav thinks he can befriend Aarav because he eats loudly and plays cricket. Raghav suggests to watch Pakistan and Indian cricket match together, he will help Aarav, he can have all the chips too. Katha comes to them, Aarav introduces Raghav to her, he goes to play cricket. Raghav winked at Katha, both of them became awkward. Raghav explained what he meant.

Katha is waiting in the office, while Aarav is in a painting session with Raghav in his clinic, Raghav finds that there is an element of peace in Aarav’s painting, he questions Aarav about it.

Raghav shows the painting to Aarav, asking what Katha got from it. The story tells that his dream is to live in peace with his monkey. Raghav explains that this painting shows a positive change, for the first time Aarav is not angry or disappointed, he is at peace after a long time. Raghav tells that Aarav said that he had created a picture imagining a peaceful world where there is no one to hurt his mother. Katha thanks him, Raghav wants coffee or double the fees.

Katha will get her fees, and she will bring coffee from outside. She asks him about his family in the photo. Raghav tells him about his daughter and ex-wife. She is not dead, she just lives somewhere else. They were in an arranged marriage, so they could not separate. He is grateful to her for leaving his daughter with him. He reads her a poem.
On stage, Raghav tells Katha that Aarav is his son despite not having the same blood.

At the age of three months, Aarav was having panic attacks, he wanted Raghav and not Katha. Katha tries to calm him down, questioning why he doesn’t need her. Aarav wants to talk to Raghav, Katha tells that they will meet him tomorrow. Aarav is firm on his demand. Katha complies, he calls Raghav who was sleeping.

Raghav attends the call, Katha apologizes. Raghav asks if Aarav is okay, Katha tells that he is stubborn. Aarav wants to talk to her. Katha apologizes for the late night call. Raghav doesn’t mind, Aarav talks to Raghav, puts his head in Katha’s lap and goes to sleep. Katha picks up the phone and Raghav is asking her to remember her mother’s cake. Katha interrupts, asking when Aarav told her about the cake. Raghav tells that it is confidential information, but he would like to eat that cake just like Raghav.
Raghav went to find the ring.

Teeji comes to Viaan standing in the corner, she knows that he cannot hide his pain. Unlike Teeji, Viaan is a strong person. Viaan questions, he has suffered a lot. Teeji points out that Katha is a dependent woman unlike her, Teeji clung tightly to Viaan when he was completely ignoring the fact that this could harm her in return. Due to fear of losing Viaan, Teeji supported Maya, but the truth was that Viaan was and will always be her support.

Teeji realizes that her fear was wrong, she should have been afraid of hurting her and Katha, now she is a changed person. She wants Viaan to bring Katha home, it will be hard for her to face Katha, but with Viaan’s support she will manage somehow. Viaan doesn’t know where she is, she didn’t come to meet him for some reason, she must be scared for some reason too. Bringing the narrative back won’t be easy, there are a lot of unanswered questions.While everyone is searching for the ring, Katha sees Viaan standing in the crowd.

Precap: Viaan questions her for turning away from reality, they are destined to be together. Katha cries in the corner. Raghav gets the ring, their ceremony will start.

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