Kavya 18th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya 18th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya going to the press conference. The guard stopped him and said this was not allowed. Adhiraj stops Kavya and says don’t play with your career, come with me. He takes Kavya back. Kavya says I don’t have time, I have to go and tell them that I am fine, they want to throw me out of the academy. He says wait for 2 minutes, things will change. She says I am leaving. He stops him. Reporter says Kavya made wall yesterday, she has always performed well, what will you tell about it. Kavya looks on.

Jaideep asks how did you get this information. Reporters say we are journalists. Kavya asks Adhiraj if you did this. Adhiraj calls reporter Raghav as his friend and gives the news. Adhiraj says don’t thank me, just see. Kavya says this won’t be good for Jaideep, I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. He says you are great. Raghav asks Jaideep whether Kavya Bansal was the best artist or not. Jaideep says he is fine, he has performed well in the tasks, if you don’t have any other questions, we will end it here, thank you very much. Malini says sir, I have a question.

She says, I am Malini Pradhan, former IAS officer, I am two years junior to you. Kavya asks Adhiraj if your mother is an IAS officer. Adhiraj says yes, but not crazy like you, you have spoiled my mother. Malini says I am a passout from this academy, I want to tell something, you remember an OT had a fractured hand during training, the OT got support from other trainees, he has contributed a lot for the country. , you were the same OT, we cads have a motto, I am a warrior, no warrior fights the battle alone, if an OT has talent, it is our duty to guide him, Kavya is part of this academy, she It is your responsibility to make an officer. Rajeev and Anjali smiled. Malini says Giriraj wants Kavya to go to Basant Khedi project. She asks Giriraj what he wants to say.

Adhiraj smiled. Giriraj says yes and claps. Jaideep thanks Malini and says welcome to academy, you have refreshed my extraordinary memory, no injustice will be done to any OT, everything will be as per rules, we will add Kavya’s name in Basant Khedi project. Will give.

Kavya becomes happy. Everyone claps. Kavya hugs Adhiraj. Jaideep looked at Giriraj. Giriraj and Malini leave. Adhiraj and Kavya come there. Giriraj stops Adhiraj. He says I thought you were weak in politics, you have planned this well. Adhiraj taunts him and winks. Giriraj says you know, half knowledge is dangerous, it doesn’t let you think about the future. He tells Kavya to mind her own business, no harm will come to her. He gives his best wishes and smiles. Adhiraj comes back. Giriraj leaves.

Adhiraj hugs Malini and says well done. Malini says I feel like I am breathing today, I feel like an IAS again. She praises Adhiraj in front of Kavya. Kavya thanks him. She says you have become my inspiration now, can I call you sometimes for guidance. Malini nodded. Rajeev stops Jaideep. He says that you can try your best, but in the end only truth will prevail. Jaideep says sometimes a person thinks he won, but this is the first step of his failure, Basant Khedi snatched your daughter, your other daughter is going there, you think this is your victory, life. It is long, the struggle will last, be prepared. Kavya comes and says I am ready for last 12 years, the pain we got has made me stronger. He wishes them all the best. Everyone congratulates Kavya. They all smile.

Giriraj asks what did Kavya do that you became happy. She says he reminded me of my time. He catches her and says to former IAS officer Malini, you have decided to leave the IAS post. She says many times, compulsion has to be called desire, otherwise the heart breaks. He says I can’t understand women, but explain this to Adhiraj, he is walking on a dangerous path. She worries. Rajeev asks Anjali not to worry. Anjali argues. She says you think if you go there Navya will come back, forget it. Rajiv says it has been 12 years, we should not be afraid. She says what if someone comes to know that Kavya is Navya’s sister. He says nothing will happen, Kavya wants to go there and end that story. Kavya explains to Anjali. Anjali says you should step back from some fights. Kavya hugs him.

Sanjeev says I leaked that video, Adhiraj is lying. Kavya and Adhiraj have a moment.

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