Katha Ankahee 25th September 2023 Written Update

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Yuvraj comes forward to perform the ritual. Reet’s brother taunts her for not being able to differentiate between her real and so-called sister. Katha is asked to close her eyes as she is not allowed to see her bangles. While Yuvraj wears the bangle in his hand, Meera sees Reet’s brother drinking alcohol in despair. Katha opened her eyes to see Yuvraj in tears.

Reet’s brother breaks the glass while raising questions on the injustice being done to his sister and daughters. He calls out the Grewal family for being careless about Reet who has just come out of depression. Reet tries to stop her brother. Kavita scolds him for discussing an absurd topic at the wrong place and time. Reet’s brother accuses Katha of working cleverly to gain all the property for his son. Yuvraj questions Reet’s brother for talking badly about Katha and slaps him.

Kavita and Katha try to calm Yuvraj down. Yuvraj demands Reet to take her brother in and knock some sense into him. Kavita apologizes to Reet’s brother, takes him inside. Katha requests Yuvraj to calm down, Yuvraj refuses to tolerate any wrong word against Katha. Meera found her person to break the news. Meera sympathizes with Yuvraj, he did the right thing. Meera tells Reet about the evidence found, Katha got 1 crore to spend a night with Viaan. Reet will have to convey this information to Yuvraj, being a brother he will end the marriage.

The story was being prepared, Kavita was standing with it. Yuvraj comes to show them the gift he got for Viaan. Yuvraj is sad to let his sister go but is happy that Aditya is being replaced by someone capable, he could not have given this place to anyone other than Viaan. Kavita stops him from talking emotionally. Kavita thinks what hair style to give to Katha.

Yuvraj calls Reet for help, she is the best in this. Kawatia and Yuvraj fill the envelopes. Katha apologized to Reet for coming into her life without telling her, Reet also apologized. Katha wants a gift from Reet, so that she can accept Aarav and Katha. They both hug each other, Reet signals Yuvraj to come out. Reet shows the stylist a hairstyle that will suit Katha. Reet and Yuvraj go out.

Viaan asks how he is looking. Ehsaan compliments Viaan but is mesmerized when Vanya comes forward fully dressed. Vanya helps Viaan wear her jewellery. Ehsaan thinks that by marrying Viaan he is really making a sacrifice, he wants Viaan to marry Katha and live together forever. Viaan knows what it means to be emotional. Teeji requests Meera to stop this.

Meera likes Viaan very much. Ehsaan will sing Chana Meerya today because his love is getting married to his friend. Meera questions Teeji for behaving strangely. Viaan tells Vanya and Ehsaan how he will welcome Katha home. Meera is worried as she will have to take care of Viaan after this turmoil. Teeji will have to break this marriage regardless of everything. Meera asks him to rest, Reet is at work.

Yuvraj comes to Reet to apologize for his behavior earlier. Reet had no objection, she expected the same from her brother. Reet has something else she wants to share but she doubts Yuraj believes her. Reet feels bad for Katha, her grief has been misused.

Meera asks Teeji to wait for a while but while doing so uses this time to show Viaan her excitement for his marriage. Teeji goes to Viaan and apologizes for misbehaving with Katha, Aarav and Garewal. Teeji wants Viaan to bring Katha home, she will make everything fine.

Ehsaan starts the celebration by dancing on the beats of dhol, he wants Vanya to dance in his brother’s wedding otherwise she will become a ghost after death.Katha is all set for her big day.

Precap: Raghuvanshi brings the wedding procession. Meera forces Reet to do something. Reet tells Yuvraj about the deal of 1 crore, thinks Viaan is forcing Katha to marry him. She requests Yuvraj to save Katha from this toxic relationship.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Katha Ankahee

ANS. You can watch Katha Ankahee online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

Q1.Katha Ankahee upcoming story

ANS.Ehsaan asking Viaan if he is ready to ride the horse now.When Maya and Tejji enter the hall, Viaan enthusiastically replies in the affirmative and Viaan takes blessings from both of them while Ehsaan looks at Maya suspiciously.


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