Keh Doon Tumhein 16th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Keh Doon Tumhein 16th October 2023 episode starts with Vikrant saying I have 5 minutes, I have to reach the bus stop. He runs on the road. Kirti boards the bus. Ritu sees him and screams. Kirti and Puru sit in the bus. Vikrant reaches bus stand and searches for Kirti. He asks about the bus. He sees the bus going. He runs after the bus. He comes forward. The bus driver stopped the bus.

Puru sees Vikrant and runs to him. Keerthi stops Puru. She looks at Vikrant. Vikrant smiled. Shreyas comes. He says that the government stopped the bus. The man welcomes Vikrant. Shreyas gets the bag from the bus. Kirti asks why did you do this. Puru asks if you have super power, how did you stop the bus. Vikrant says if someone truly cares for someone, he gets superpowers, I promised to protect you, I failed today, I am sorry. He gives black thread and says my mother gave this to me, she said it will always protect me, I never took it away from me, it has superpowers, I want to give this to you today. He ties a thread on Puru’s hand.

Puru starts crying. Vikrant also cries and says I promise, you will never be alone, I will always be with you, I will never hurt your feelings, I will make your safety the aim of my life, I will always love you, I I am your family and you are me. My family, the deal. Puru says deal and hugs her. Shreyas smiled. Kirti is seen crying. Puru says I like you a lot. Puru hugs Shreyas and says you will always be with me, okay. Shreyas says yes. Kirti says don’t stop me by making promises. Vikrant says I want to free you, I promise, this won’t happen again, I will protect you both, please give me a chance.

She says I don’t understand what I should do. He says give me a chance, I will prove that staying here is the right decision. She asks why are you doing this for us. He says you will get the answer with time, will you stay and give your friend a chance. She nods. Ritu looks on and says sir, you can’t hurt me, you are stubborn, I am also stubborn, I will tell your truth to Kirti, she will hate you, I can go to any extent to get you. Kirti apologizes to Madhuri. Madhuri and grandmother cry. Madhuri hugs him. Dadi gets emotional and requests Kirti to never go away.

Kirti says this is my mistake, you all explained me not to follow that killer, I didn’t listen, there is nothing for me except Puru and family, I want to live a normal life, I promise. , I will make a new beginning. Madhuri says trust Vikrant, I have seen him getting close to someone, he can fight the world for his family, trust him, he will protect Puru and you. Grandma hugs Kirti. They all hug. Vikrant looks at Kirti.

Kirti says sorry Anju, I couldn’t get you justice, I have to leave that murderer, sorry. Vikrant says now you just dream of our beautiful life. he goes Keerthi drops Puru to school. She says don’t stay alone in school. Puru says don’t take tension, I am strong now. He gives her a flower. She asks do you remember my birthday. He says yes, I can never forget your birthday. She hugs and thanks him. She smiles Ritu waits for Kirti. She writes a note. She goes. Kirti comes to her table. He finds Malhar’s book. She drops the note. She finds Vikrant’s note in the book. She says I think I know who did this. Vikrant says this is the most important day of our life, happy birthday my love.

Madhuri and Dadi see smoke coming out of Vikrant’s house. Madhuri asks Dadi to call Vikrant. She goes inside. Dadi calls Vikrant. She says your house caught fire. He gets shocked. She says come quickly. He asks what? He says Bittu… Madhuri says smoke is coming from the room. She goes inside and asks if anyone is there. Vikrant comes home. Dadi says your house caught fire, Madhuri is inside. Vikrant thinks that if Madhuri sees Bittu, it will be a big problem.

Vikrant surprises Kirti in a romantic way. She walks on rose petals. He proposes to her and says I love you.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Keh Doon Tumhein

ANS. You can watch Keh Doon Tumhein online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Keh Doon Tumhein Si upcoming story

ANS. Vikrant runs towards the bus stop. He just stops..

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