Meet 17th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 17th October 2023 episode starts with Poonam asking Shlok where is he going without getting ready as it is his marriage. Shlok says he has very important work and promises to come back on time. Priyanka prepared Sumeet for the wedding by dressing him in bridal attire and jewellery. Raunak goes and taunts Shagun for not doing anything while Sumeet and Shlok are getting married again.

He tells Shagun to let her handle things if she can’t handle things, as he can’t see happiness in Shlok’s house. Raunak says he wants to see misery spread there.Shagun says she has been carrying revenge in her heart for years. She tells about Sumeet and Shlok being fooled that everything is happy but at the same time they will have to face a big disaster. She shows Raunak that her goons are pouring kerosene on the wedding altar.

She says now everything will burn with a little fire. Raj smells kerosene oil and tries to find out where the smell is coming from. Raunak and Shagun see Raj on videocall and get worried. But Raj sees a can of kerosene oil and misunderstands that the smell is coming from that can. Shagun asks her men to close the door.Shagun’s people also spread kerosene on Shlok’s shop where Rajeev works. Shagun pours kerosene on the model house at her home. Shlok goes to meet Sakshi and she welcomes him holding his hand.

Shlok feels confused by her behaviour. Here, Sumeet gets dressed up as a bride and tries to call Shlok and then sees his photo on his phone and thinks it is her loss if he does not pick up her call. Priyanka teases him and says that Shlok will keep looking at her. On her marriage, Sumeet says that she will prepare him too so that Raj will be mesmerized. Hearing this, Pankhudi gets jealous.

Sakshi makes Shlok sit and says that as a fan she has rights on him and offers him drinks. Shlok keeps moving away from her but she comes closer to him and offers him a drink. Shagun places a matchbox at her model house and Shlok’s wedding there is also set on fire. Poonam is shocked to see the smoke and wonders where it is coming from. Seeing the fire, all the family members were shocked and the gate was closed from outside. Sumeet comes from the parlor and is shocked to see fire all around her house.

Raj tries to save all the family members but struggles to do so. Poonam started feeling suffocated due to the smoke. Rajiv also got trapped when the shop caught fire. Priyanka starts crying after seeing the house in flames and Sumeet is left speechless. She tries to break the door lock. Deep inside, Raj keeps trying to protect Shlok’s family. Seeing everything live on camera, Shagun laughs at Sumeet’s condition.

Sumeet jumps into the fire. She keeps calling Shlok but Sakshi switches off her phone. She keeps insisting him to drink alcohol with her. The episode ends with Sumeet going inside the house and trying to reach Shlok but he does not receive his call.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Meet

ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Meet upcoming story

ANS. Shagun instructs the goons to burn Shlok’s house.
Shlok busy with Sakshi.Seeing the fire, Sumit tries to reach Shlok along with other family members

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