Titli 5th October 2023 Written Update

Titli 5th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Titli 5th October 2023 episode starts with Titli and Garv going to their room. They’re having a moment. Megha follows. Titli says anyone can see. Garv says yes, let them go. he kisses her. He thanks him. Megha comes and opens the door. Garv and Titli act. Megha goes. She wonders who is this woman, what is all this. Maina says Garv will get his license back. Megha says that the woman will have to withdraw the case. Koyal says she will withdraw the case. Garv and Titli come. Titli says I should leave now. The cuckoo thanked him. Megha stops Titli and asks if you were at the flower shop. Titli says yes. Megha says no, it was not you, I am sure.

Titli asks if I am lying. Megha says yes. Titli asks why would I do this. Megha says this woman is lying. Titli asks did the flowers come to me, I bought these flowers, you can ask proudly. Megha says you did not go there. Titli says you are saying as if you went there to buy flowers. Megha says I just know that you did not go, I have proof of it. The Titli says I am the proof. Megha says you didn’t go, I know who went there. Titli removes the veil and shocks Megha. Titli asks Megha who was that woman and how do you know her. Koyal says I knew it, Megha is clever. Garv demands answers from Megha as to why she did this.

Titli asks Megha to leave. Megha says I will not go without this defect, I took my friend’s help and talked to that burqa lady, she agreed and withdrew the complaint. The Titli says you are lying. Megha says call the police station and ask them. The Titli thinks she is trying to save herself. Garv calls the inspector and asks about the woman. He says the woman came to the police station and has withdrawn the complaint, Megha is telling the truth. Megha acts out and cries. She thinks why is no one stopping me. Maina stops him. Megha smiled. The myna scolds the Titli. She asks Titli to see her face.

Garv asks what are you saying. Maina argues. Megha says I will leave. Garv receives a letter. He checks it. Titli reads it, Garv can’t fight any court case until her anger is treated, a therapist is not chosen to treat her, she won’t get her license back unless she says yes. Manikant asks who? Titli says Megha. Megha recalls bribing a person. Garv apologizes to Megha for doubting him. He says the Titli was protecting me. Megha asks why does he feel like this, he needs to protect you, you are very strong and mature, you can take care of the whole family, you have to believe in yourself.

gurv goes to the cuckoo and the Titli. Koyal asks what have you planned now. Garv says I have apologized to Megha. Titli says she is lying. He says relax, she is staying here to help us, misunderstanding cleared, say sorry to her. The Titli goes. She finds Megha in her room. Megha calls Garv. She says come. Cuckoo asks where are you going. Megha says date. Titli asks what date it is. Megha says Garv has a date with his therapist. Koyal asks why will he go with you, he has a beautiful wife. Megha says right, if Titli goes on date, she will not get the report, the court wants the report from the therapist, that is me.

Titli looks at the photo album. She reads love letters. She says Megha loves Garv.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. Titli thanks Garv for changing himself. He pulls her closer to him and tells her about strengthening their relationship.

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