Anupama 6th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 6th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 6th October 2023 episode starts with Vanraj says that he cannot do this. Doctors say that organ donation is a good thing, but when someone loses a loved one, he does not know what to do. Inspector says that greatness means nothing when a mountain of pain falls on our heads. Anuj asks Vanraj, do you believe in Bhagwat Geeta, and tells that body is just cloth on soul and asks him not to be possessive about the body.

He says after all we have to perform the last rites, so we might as well do this good thing so that Samar’s soul can get one last good deal. He says the doctor told me that a boy, who is of Samar’s age, has met with an accident and is battling death, and he needs an organ. He says Samar’s organ can save him, but it will be Anupama and your decision, not anyone else’s.

Dimpy is sitting holding the photo frame of Samar and her wedding. Oh Palanhaar plays……Pakhi and Kavya are crying bitterly, while Anupama stands in shock. Kinjal, Toshu and Baa are also crying. Anupama tries to console Pakhi and gets worried for Kavya’s baby, as Pakhi is crying. She takes care of Babuji and tries to pacify Baa. She comes to Dimpy and asks her for water. Dimpy is still in shock.

Anupama tries to bring him out of shock and says I know your pain is big, you are not just Samar’s wife but the mother of his future child and asks him to come to his senses and cry. Baa cries. Anupama asks Dimpy to cry and says our Samar left us forever, and he will not come back, we will yearn to see him every moment. She says that she has lost her father even before your child was born. She shakes Dimpy and says our Samar is dead, your husband is dead.

Dimpy realizes this and starts shouting loudly. Inspector tells that the boy who has murdered Samar has been found. Vanraj asks why didn’t you arrest him till now, and says my son lost his life, no one lost anything. He asks why are you not doing anything? Inspector says we are trying to get evidence, but the boy is from powerful influential family. He asks Anuj and Vanraj to understand and tells that he is a spoiled son of a powerful builder. He says there are some loopholes in the law and says his hands are tied. Vanraj says if law can’t give justice, then I will get justice for my son.

Dimpy is still crying. Anupama looks towards the door and sings Chandaniya song for him. She says I want to see my son, but how will I be able to see him. Just then they hear the sound of a police jeep and they stand up. Vanraj, Anuj and more come there and the hospital staff brings Samar’s body. Everyone cries and sees Samar’s body covered with clothes. Anupama sits there and removes the cloth from his face.

Seeing him everyone starts crying loudly. Dimpy keeps her head on his chest and starts crying. Vanraj and Anuj also sit there and cry. Dimpy says you have promised to live a long life all your life and could not stay with me even for a year. Baa cries. Pakhi tells Samar to get up otherwise I will call you a loser. Babu ji says that there is no use if the life of a youth ends. Toshu regrets sending him. Anupama calls Samar and says I didn’t know you will come like this, and says you love me so much that you met me before going to God and took my hand. Ate kheer made from.

Precap: Anuj asks Anupama to trust him, and says if he had known he would have given his life, but won’t let anything happen to Samar. He asks do you hold me responsible for Samar’s death. Anupama is silent. Anuj tells that he can tolerate her anger and hatred, but cannot tolerate her silence. Anupama cries.


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