Kavya 6th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 6th October 2023 episode starts with Jaideep saying you need time and distance to deal with the loss of your sister, take a year off and become emotionally stronger, then join, the academy is not going anywhere, a break. Take it. Kavya recalls Shubh’s words and cries. She says if I had to take a break I would not break myself, I am passionate, I take everything personally, my guru taught me, age does not define ability, ability defines age. ,

I will not go anywhere. He says you can go, withdraw your name from those 8 people, problem solved. Kavya says my guru never taught me to lose, I made a mistake, you will get the report on your desk, good day sir. She cries and goes away.She collides with Adhiraj. He jokes. She says don’t mess with me today. Sanjeev asks why are you after that girl, is there any problem

Adhiraj gets a call from Giriraj. Giriraj says I have some work, there is a party meeting, I want both my sons to be there. Adhiraj says I am away from home. Giriraj asks what is the problem in this, I will send car or helicopter.Adhiraj argues with her and ends the call. Sanjeev listens to Adhiraj and says you are Siddharth of Rang De Basanti. Adhiraj gets angry. Sanjeev says you should become a tragedy hero, you should be happy. Adhiraj says we will have cold beer.

Sanjeev says this is not allowed here. Kavya misses her sister. She thinks about Jaideep’s words. She talks to Rajiv on call. He says you are brave, don’t worry, you are my brave child. He asks Kavya to talk to Anjali. Anjali says I knew it, she can’t live alone without Shubh. Kavya says I am fine, I have an assignment, I will talk later. Payal fell down. Kavya asks how did you fall, sorry. Payal scolds him. Kavya gets a call. She says sorry and helps Payal.

Payal takes Kavya’s phone and answers the call. She says now it is my turn to fight with Kavya. Shubh asks what is this. Payal says no man will help you here. Kavya goes out of the room. Payal closed the door. Kavya calls Shubh. He asks who that girl was. She says its good you called, I am missing you a lot. He says you misbehaved with dad again. He scolds him.

She says I know you are shocked by failing, concentrate on studies, you won’t be able to bear it if you don’t pass this time. She ends the call. She asks Payal to open the door. Payal refused. Kavya says okay, everyone has become my enemy, because I have reached here on my own, don’t talk to me, I don’t need anyone. She sees a room open and goes inside. She drinks water. She cries.

Jaideep talked to Giriraj on call. Giriraj says congratulations, you are taking officers to Basant Khedi, who bear pain in the training program, I will be happy if you choose my son for this project, he is capable. Jaideep asks is your son here. Giriraj says Adhiraj Pradhan is my son. Adhiraj and Sanjeev come to their room. Adhiraj lies to sleep. Kavya is sleeping on the bed. Adhiraj sees her and is shocked. He asks Sanjeev to see the girl. He asks how did she come here.

Sanjeev asks if he is alive or dead. Adhiraj checks and says he is alive, why is he here. Sanjeev says she must have come for you. Adhiraj says let her sleep, listen to me, you take care of her, I am tired, I will come back. Sanjeev says no, you take care. He runs to sleep. Adhiraj asks where will I sleep. Adhiraj goes to the other side. He looks at Kavya. Kavya holds his hand and says Papa…he falls down. Jaideep says sorry, I didn’t know about your son. Giriraj says teach him well, make him capable, I will be happy if you take him. Jaideep says sure, I will see what I can do. Giriraj says you are intelligent. Kavya promises her father. Adhiraj listens to him.

Kavya goes to the village. She becomes stressed after hearing about the medical scam. Kavya feels dizzy. She falls down the cliff.

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