Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Episode starts with Radha asking Mohan to participate in the competition and try her best to win it, but Mohan tells her that she is losing control.She tells him that she knows what she is doing, and also says that the time has come to give a befitting reply to Damini.Radha then asks Mohan to promise that he will get everything that Damini had treacherously snatched away from him.

She asks him to bring Damini on the road as she has made her a servant in her house, and says this competition is the beginning of her success.Radha tells Mohan that Damini and Kaveri should live like beggars and asks him to take revenge on Damini brutally.

This forces Mohan to make a promise to Radha, leading to Radha emotionally hugging Mohan, while on the other hand, Damini and Kaveri are shocked to hear this.Then she goes to the home temple and tells Lord Krishna that Mohan had promised her to get everything back from Damini.Then Radha tells Lord Krishna that she will also get her place because Mohan never loses and saying this she goes to Mohan and holds his hand and looks at Damini angrily.

The officials of the competition congratulated Mohan and said that they are happy with his participation in the competition.An official said that since Mohan has experience in the publishing industry, no one would refuse to work with him.The man further asks Mohan to arrange for 5 lakhs and after saying this he leaves the Trivedi premises.

Radha then tells Damini to get ready to lose, while Mohan tells Damini that they will meet in the market.Saying this, he takes off his jacket, throws it away and slowly walks away with Radha.Kaveri tells Damini that the danger is scary and further says what if they become beggars?Damini then tells Kaveri that she will break Radha and Mohan’s trust and reaches for her phone, thus calling Bhushan.

She asks Bhushan about his whereabouts, to which Bhushan tells her while driving that he is following Ajit’s scooter.Damini then orders Bhushan to kill both Gungun and Ajit, after which Bhushan crashes the scooter, causing Ajit and Gungun to fall and lose their senses.Meanwhile, Radha realizes something bad is going on when Mohan tells her that she made a mistake by challenging Damini.

However, Radha tells him that she is worried about Gungun, to which Mohan tells him that she has always been right in Gungun’s matters.Mohan then calls Ajit but gets no answer, while Damini and Kaveri start talking secretly.Kaveri then asks Damini how Radha came to know that she has killed Gungun, while Damini calls Bhushan and learns that he has killed Gungun.

Amidst all this, Mohan calls Ajit again and this time Gungun picks up the phone, allowing Mohan to ask if she is okay.Just then, Ajit asks Gungun if she is okay, but Gungun shushes him and tells Mohan that she is fine, and also says that she is getting late for school.Gungun disconnects the call and then, insists that Ajit hide the accident from everyone as it will increase Radha and Mohan’s problems.

He agrees and at Trivedi Bhawan, Damini learns through a call from Bhushan that Gungun has survived.This causes Damini to resolve to do the work herself as Bhushan is useless, further stating that Radha and Mohan should not participate in the competition in any way.Elsewhere, Bhushan and Mohit start driving the car towards Ajit and Gungun, who are busy asking each other if they are okay or not.


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