Imlie 10th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 10th October 2023 episode starts with  Imlie is shocked to see a ladder near the water tank and the ground near the water tank wet. He realized that in his absence someone got into the water tank. Alka tells Sonali that no one knows that they will get the shop back from Agastya through Noyonika. Agastya goes to her and says he knows why she is doing all this.

Alka gets tensed. Agastya says she is taking care of the wedding arrangements for Dadi’s happiness. Alka ignores him and walks away showing hatred towards him. Agastya stands smiling confused. Sonali tells him not to smile so much otherwise his jaws will get pain. Agastya asked seriously? Sonali taunts him even more. Noyonika calls Agastya.

Pallo brings breakfast for Bulbul. Bulbul asks if she didn’t get chutney. Imlie comes inside. Pallo hides the breakfast and starts pretending to cry and curse the thief who stole Imlie’s money and chain. Imlie sees water on the floor and Bulbul’s wet clothes and asks Bulbul to return her money and chain. Bulbul admits that she has stolen her money and chain and refuses to return it. Imlie pulls Bulbul’s hair and urges her to return her money. Pallo yells at him to leave his daughter. Imlie throws them out of the house and calls the Gram Panchayat member.

Agastya talks to Noyonika. Noyonika says their marriage is fixed. Agastya says he doesn’t believe in destiny and is marrying her for Dadi’s sake. Imlie calls him again and again. He picks up the call. Imlie mistakes her for Bunty and asks her to help her get money from Pallo Mami. Agastya says he is too shameless to grab money from his relative.

Imlie realizes it is him and says she was calling her friend Bunty and she called him by mistake. His logic comes to the fore. Imlie disconnects the call. Agastya tells Noyonika that he hates lies and if anyone asks for help he will help them, but if they lie to him, he will not spare them. Nayonic gets scared thinking that he should not know about her abortion.

Bunty disguises himself as a Panchayat member and sells Pallo’s house to Imlie with mother’s consent. Pallo requests him not to sell the house and pampers him. Bulbul brings burning coal and throws it on Imlie which falls on Bunty. Bunty jumps in fear and removes his beard. Pallo recognized him and started beating him. Imlie fights with Bulbul again.

Ashu pleads with Bulbul to stop fighting with Imlie and collapses. Imlie gets worried and sees that he is not breathing. She asks mother to call an ambulance. They reach the hospital and learn that the doctor is in OT. Imlie cries and prays to God to save her. Agastya gets angry at Imlie and calls her name false in his mobile. He calls to warn her not to call again, hears her crying and wonders what could have caused it.

Precap: Ashu’s condition worsens. Inside the lockup, Imlie prays to God to save Ashu’s life. Agastya goes to her and says he has a proposal for her.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story


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